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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] Let’s Listen

On Monday, May 22nd, a group of students, many clad entirely in black, interrupted Monday morning assembly before Mr. Ball began to speak. These students declaimed Section 5D of the Student Handbook and asked the administrators standing at the podium why they had refused to condemn blatant acts of racial prejudice. Chanting “What do we [...]

[Editorial] Democracy Takes Time

Over the past two years, Milton’s SGA has written and presumably passed two amendments pertaining to how students elect Head Monitors and Class Reps (this year’s vote count was 345 yea to 108 nea at printing — 15 votes shy of clinching). The goal of last year’s amendment was to allow non-gender-conforming students to more [...]

[Editorial] One Milton, Many Voices

This past weekend, student activists created a list of issues which they want the administration to take a public position on. They posted the list in multiple places in the Student Center, Wigg Hall, and Warren Hall, most notably outside of Mr. Bland’s office. The list calls for Milton Academy to denounce the Muslim Ban [...]

Is the Rose Sale Just Another Way to Display Popularity

Every year, the varsity field hockey team holds a Valentine’s Day rose sale to raise money for cancer research. They sell red “love” roses, pink “crush” roses, and yellow “friend” roses. Students (or faculty) buy red, pink, and yellow paper hearts, write personalized messages on them, and send them to friends or significant others. Then, [...]

Businesses Take Action Against Trump’s Products in a Boycott

One of our constitutional rights as Americans is the freedom of speech. The essence of our country is the liberty to argue, dispute, and disagree without the fear of repercussion. And although often complex and tricky, candid communication can bring with it greater success. Fundamentally, freedom of speech and freedom of opinion allow citizens to [...]

[Editorial] Affective Ed Should be Effective Ed

Health, Values, Social Awareness, and Senior Transitions… they all sound like such noble pursuits. Yet at Milton, they often fall short of their potential. A survey of the student body reveals that as much as 60% of students responded that they did not find these affective ed course useful. However, 81% of respondents said that [...]

Political Discussions at Milton

Understanding quadratics and balancing chemical equations may fill our day-to-day-lives at Milton. However, challenging beliefs and sparking difficult conversations is the essence of Milton’s “Dare to be True” motto. Daring to be true applies to the little white lies we tell here and there, but more importantly it speaks of our character and the conversations [...]

Chinese New Year Here and Abroad

A couple of weeks ago, millions of people on the other side of the Earth dressed up in flaming-red dragon and lion costumes to dance in the streets and celebrate what we over here call the “Chinese New Year.” Marked by backed-up flights and sold-out train tickets, this time of year sees the migration of [...]

Reverse Racism Exits, Misses Point

Nearly half of Americans (49%) believe that reverse racism, or racism towards white people, is “as big a problem” as discrimination against people of color, according to data from a  poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute in June 2016. While I would hope that the Milton community would recognize that reverse racism simply [...]

Let’s Elect The Cabinet!

Would you vote for Betsy DeVos to be our next Secretary of Education? For Ben Carson to be our next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development? Probably not. I know I wouldn’t. On the other hand, I would definitely vote for Mad Dog Mattis at Defence. But the thing is, we have no vote on [...]

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