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The Milton Measure

Dariya’s Background Narrative: “Yes, I’m Sure That I’m Asian”

The first thing I share when I’m graced with the pleasure of meeting someone new is that I’m from Kazakhstan, and I live in England, but my family is currently based in France. Pretty simple, right? Each time I introduce these fundamental facts, I hear a strange rush fascination with my “complicated background.” I’ve lost [...]

Emmanuel Macron Wins French Presidential Election

In the recent French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron won by quite a large margin over Marie Le Pen. This is a good thing. A Le Pen victory would have been devastating to all French people, not just the Muslims living there who would have suffered the most under a Le Pen/National Front government. With that [...]

Milton Hosts Annual Film Festival

The smell of popcorn and the sounds of cheerful voices echo off the walls as students enter Wigg Hall, where this year’s Milton Academy Film Festival is being held. The gathering, while far from shining in national acclaim, is certainly a warm welcome to Milton’s own film students and enthusiasts alike after a semester’s worth [...]

Ned Sheehan’s Thoughts and Predictions of the UK Election

On May 4th, 2015, days before that year’s UK general election, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted the following: “Britain faces an inescapable choice – stability and strong government with me, or chaos with [Labour Party leader] Ed Miliband.” Cameron won handily. Since then, the Labour Party chose a Marxist to be its leader, Britain [...]

[Editorial] It’s Been a Good Year to be CXXII

According to a CNBC report, after Donald Trump was elected, The New York Times subscription growth soared tenfold. In a similar vein, the CXXII Editorial Board consistently found ourselves selling out of Measures at recess on Friday. We literally could not keep up with student demand. It was a great year to be in the [...]

Trump’s Hypocrisy Regarding Syrian Foreign Policy

Privilege weaves its way into each and every one of our lives; however, not all privilege among people is equal. Depending on your race, gender, sexuality, religion, and overall identity, your privilege can be greater or lesser than someone else’s. Specifically, a lot of us forget to realize the privilege that simply our skin color [...]

Milton Hosts Independent School Sustainability Conference

At Milton, whether you’re aware of it or not, sustainability plays a big part in every student’s life. Sustainability, or the preservation of resources, occurs when food is dropped into the compost bins in Forbes, when the bathrooms are used in Pritzker, and even when the lights are turned on in the ACC. All of [...]

The Yellowface Behind Milton’s Yellow Face Production

Next month is May, also known as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The history of APAHM began in October, 1978, when President Jimmy Carter designated the first ten days of May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Week. President H.W. Bush later officially appointed May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in October, 1992. This spring [...]

[Editorial] Advice For Our Underclassmen

This week, our Editorial Board has opted not to write a conventional editorial. Instead, upon reflecting on what we’ve learned in our last four years at Milton, we have decided to use this space to provide underclassmen and juniors with some advice that will undoubtedly benefit them as they work through the rest of their [...]

Relocating Sports Teams Costs Taxpayers and Offends Fan Base

Recently, the Oakland Raiders, a team that has spent decades of up and down play as an institution based in the city of Oakland, announced plans to move to Las Vegas. This move, simply, is insane — and not just for sentimental reasons. Not only is it an obscene waste of money that hardworking sports [...]

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