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The Milton Measure

Centre Street—Where Milton Meets the Real World

I used to think of Centre Street as a long slab of asphalt that slices the campus in half— sometimes buzzing, sometimes quiet—that place where I was always told to look both ways and watch out for inattentive drivers. The more interactions I have had with the street, the more I have realized that Centre [...]

Roger Ailes: “He Was the Worst of Us”

Generally, when a public figure dies, even one with whom we ideologically disagree, we try to say at least something nice about them. I loathed Justice Antonin Scalia’s politics and think he left a negative impact on this country, but, by all accounts, he was cultured, witty, and generally a pleasure to be around (just [...]

The Negative Effects of Polarization of the United States

A 2014 Pew Research Center Study concluded that the United States is becoming more polarized and that Republicans and Democrats are the most ideologically divided they have been in two decades. The 2016 election brought attention to a deeply divided and polarized nation, but Trump did not begin the polarization. Rather, he is evidence of [...]

Enjoy Your Summer! But Please, Don’t Forget.

The week of May 22nd was Milton’s last full week of school before summer vacation. While I thought the week would be full of school work, it turned out to be the exact opposite — in a good way. The recent rise in tensions regarding privilege on campus culminated into a week full of protests [...]

[Editorial] Let’s Listen

On Monday, May 22nd, a group of students, many clad entirely in black, interrupted Monday morning assembly before Mr. Ball began to speak. These students declaimed Section 5D of the Student Handbook and asked the administrators standing at the podium why they had refused to condemn blatant acts of racial prejudice. Chanting “What do we [...]

[Editorial] Letter from Your New Board

In our new role as the Editorial Board, we will strive to provide the Milton community with information and entertainment in a way that is as authentic, insightful, and relevant as ever. This year, clear and honest communication will be at the core of The Milton Measure’s mission. Moving forward, we want to strengthen not [...]

Not a Black and White Issue

When we hear the word “racism,” we usually think of society’s systematic oppression of black and Latinx people. However, at Milton and around the country, we often forget about what the Asian voice, both American and international, brings to the table. Asian people do not face the same racial prejudices that black and Latinx people [...]

Staying Aware: Syrian Refugee Crisis

Often times the general population knows about one major issue but does not pay as much attention to other national and international events. On April 20th, activist and humanitarian Jordan Hattar came to speak to Ms. Geyling-Moore’s Activism for Justice in a Digital World students about his work in Syrian refugee camps. Ms. Geyling-Moore invited [...]

Dariya’s Background Narrative: “Yes, I’m Sure That I’m Asian”

The first thing I share when I’m graced with the pleasure of meeting someone new is that I’m from Kazakhstan, and I live in England, but my family is currently based in France. Pretty simple, right? Each time I introduce these fundamental facts, I hear a strange rush fascination with my “complicated background.” I’ve lost [...]

Emmanuel Macron Wins French Presidential Election

In the recent French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron won by quite a large margin over Marie Le Pen. This is a good thing. A Le Pen victory would have been devastating to all French people, not just the Muslims living there who would have suffered the most under a Le Pen/National Front government. With that [...]

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