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The Milton Measure

Political Discussions at Milton

Understanding quadratics and balancing chemical equations may fill our day-to-day-lives at Milton. However, challenging beliefs and sparking difficult conversations is the essence of Milton’s “Dare to be True” motto. Daring to be true applies to the little white lies we tell here and there, but more importantly it speaks of our character and the conversations [...]

Chinese New Year Here and Abroad

A couple of weeks ago, millions of people on the other side of the Earth dressed up in flaming-red dragon and lion costumes to dance in the streets and celebrate what we over here call the “Chinese New Year.” Marked by backed-up flights and sold-out train tickets, this time of year sees the migration of [...]

Reverse Racism Exits, Misses Point

Nearly half of Americans (49%) believe that reverse racism, or racism towards white people, is “as big a problem” as discrimination against people of color, according to data from a  poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute in June 2016. While I would hope that the Milton community would recognize that reverse racism simply [...]

Let’s Elect The Cabinet!

Would you vote for Betsy DeVos to be our next Secretary of Education? For Ben Carson to be our next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development? Probably not. I know I wouldn’t. On the other hand, I would definitely vote for Mad Dog Mattis at Defence. But the thing is, we have no vote on [...]

[Editorial] Bridging the Divide Between Under and Upperclassmen

If you’re an upperclassman, how many underclassmen friends do you have? If you’re an underclassman, how many upperclassmen friends? Our guess is probably not many, and those friends you do have, you likely met via athletics, a club, or your dorm. The divide between the upper and underclassmen at Milton is undeniable. If a student [...]

A New Year’s Celebration Unlike the Others: Dariya’s (III) Story

Workout at least 3 times a week. Limit carbs and sugars. Stop ignoring texts. Here are just a few of the completely BS new year’s resolutions that I take on every year. And along with these three lies come twenty more — this year I even organized my list by “mind, body, and soul.” What [...]

Trump Should Have Chosen Romney

  On Tuesday, December 13th, 2016, President-Elect Donald Trump nominated Rex Tillerson, the Chief Executive Officer of transnational ExxonMobil, to act as his Secretary of State. Other than Tillerson, Trump had also considered the 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney, former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, former House Speaker and Congressman Newt Gingrich, and [...]

[Editorial] False Confidence: Our Apology

We would like to issue an apology. Like many other publications, The Milton Measure became blind to what we thought was an impossibility: a Trump Presidency. We closed our last editorial by saying, “as a board, we are proud to endorse [Hillary Clinton], and we are confident that with this crucial endorsement, she will win [...]

Unpopular Electoral College, Not a Historical Relic, Has Merit

Since its constitutional implementation in 1787, the electoral college has in theory given more fair representation to voters. This system consists of 538 electors, and the number of electors for each state aligns with the members in its congressional delegation. The electoral college itself has the task of electing the President and Vice President of [...]

Real World Education, Cooking Class?

By the time we graduate from Milton, we’ll be experts in everything from weeding out Megablunders to conducting our own labs, from finding the derivative of any point in a function to learning how to scale a rope net in Project Adventure. However, one thing Milton fails to teach us is a mundane, day-to-day skillset. [...]

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