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The Milton Measure

Seniors shouldn’t grumble yet…even though they want to be moving on from here

Once upon an almost nauseatingly lovely November afternoon, two senior girls were sitting on the quad, under a tree, soaking up a little sunshine, having what looked like an important, possibly earth-shaking discussion. They didn’t look upset—a bit cold, maybe, since the temperature was hovering around fifty degrees—but not grievously distressed. However, as I, the [...]

Archives: Visiting British student finds Americans “a funny breed”

As you begin to read this, I’d like you to stop whatever else you may be doing, be it watching T.V., doing your French assignment, or simply filing your nails. Now imagine yourself plucked from womb-like Milton Academy and transported across two thousand miles of ocean. You are now in a country which you have [...]

Archives: Faculty votes to Allow T-shirts and Shorts

After a lengthy discussion, the faculty voted last Friday to allow Milton Academy students to wear T-shirts and shorts during the school day. The vote came as a result of an SGA proposal which was first presented to Burch Ford, Dean of Students, and then to the faculty. The result is relief from the heat [...]

How to Take a College Interview – Originally published January 28, 1966

In a college interview, playing up to your interviewer is most important. You must consider his personality. For example, when first introduced to him, if he looks like the slightly effeminate type, give him a gentle handshake. Don’t say you play football. Give a few girlish giggles. Tell him the greatest influence in your life [...]

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