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The Milton Measure

[Archives] Editorial from November 14, 1957

The senior year at Milton was, at one time, a period during which a boy was intended to round off his his secondary level education and prepare himself for the freshman year in college which would follow. As far as I can determine, the emphasis was less on the amount of work than on the [...]

Editorial From the CII Board

(May 26, 1996) “Well, the Boat Dance was an event that happened oh so long ago; however, as The Paper so aptly noted, we at The Milton Measure are always behind on the news because we come out only bi-weekly. We thank The Paper for noting that the rate of publication offers such diversity to [...]

[Archives] Editorial From the LXVIII Board

“When we asked a Third Classman recently how the school newspaper might be improved, he advised us to set fire to the Orange and Blue room, after first ensuring that we would be locked into that burning chamber. We suspect that the Third Classman was expressing the sentiments of more than a few, who apparently [...]

[Archives] Fact or Fiction: Senior Slump Affects Classes

From February 10th, 1986 Rumors occasionally circulate concerning a mysterious beast, dwelling only in the presence of certain Milton Academy students. It has never been positively identified, yet few will deny that it does not exist. This creature, in whatever form, dwells only in the hearts and minds of Milton Academy seniors, but it may [...]

[Archives] Why Senior Fall Can Be So Cool

Jennifer Carpenter on November 21st, 1991: “Senior year is so cool. Since freshman year, seniors have been trying to frighten me with horror stories about senior fall, stories concerning college applications, stress, and a heavy workload. Of course, they were absolutely right. But it seems like they forgot to tell me about all the other [...]

[Archives] June 4th, 1968

“You are a student: Mr. Wicks stands up and reports that the smoking proposal has been shut down; you look around you and realize just how different Milton Academy is from the rest of the world; you file out of Wigg Hall with one hundred and fifty other people who are just as sick of [...]

[Archives] Faculty Confronts Race Problem

The conference in its conception was to be a meeting where faculty members from all three schools could discuss the problems of black students at Milton; and if possible, to come to some conclusions on how the problems could be solved or ameliorated. The conference was extremely well organized by Miss Jane Martin, Mr. John [...]

[Archives] Admissions Office Employs Systematic Approach To Minority Enrollment

In recent years, Milton has emphasized its diverse student population. As Headmaster Jerome Pieh points out, the Milton community must invariably “learn to deal with all sorts of people.” This diversity of students can be largely attributed to the diligent efforts of the school’s Office of Admissions. The admissions staff, actively pursuing through a systematic [...]

[Archives] Junior year: it ain’t all that bad…

The month is June. It is a time for reflection. Since this edition of The Measure is devoted to the year in review, I figure that I might as well join in the fun. I have one day left in my junior year. I think I’m going to make it. While all the outgoing seniors [...]

[Archives] Black Power

“The important literature now is the underground press, the speeches of Malcolm, the works of Fanon, the songs of…Aretha Franklin. The rest all sounds like the Moyinhan report and Time-Essay, explaining everything, understanding nothing, changing no one.” From Soul Power, by Andrew Kopkind New York Review of Books There is a new political attitude in [...]

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