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The Milton Measure

What Happens to an (American) Dream Deferred?

By Nathan Strauss ’17 You never notice how much Americana subtly bleeds into your head until it’s too late. Signs of American pride were ingrained in my memory in the 10 years I spent in public school; from the recitation of the pledge of allegiance every morning  (what could be a more potent symbol of [...]

Class of 2017 Nonfiction English Feature Articles


This is a full collection of the feature articles written by students of Ms. Baker’s, Ms. Polk’s, and Ms. Goldenberg’s Nonfiction English classes. The War on Bias: Black Lives Matter in MA Communities by Te Palandjian ’17 Modern Sounds of Modern Massachusetts: The Politics of a Stagnating Scene by Henry Claudy ’17 The Complex Effects [...]

Don’t Be an Ass: A Look into Safe Spaces at Milton Academy

By Marianna Dione ’17 On Monday, November 14, 2016, all Milton Academy Upper School students and faculty gathered in the ACC to listen to a panel of community members reacting to the recent presidential election results. The assembly was extended past the usual fifteen-minute time slot to allow for various teachers and students to share [...]

Religion in Schools: How Should Faith Influence Education?

By Henry Westerman ’17 In the fall of sixth grade, my social studies teacher once began class in his usual way. Eyes closed in thought, he rummaged through a bucket of popsicle sticks, picked out names two at a time and opened his eyes to call the chosen partners. With each pair, he glanced down [...]

The War on Bias: Black Lives Matter in MA Communities

I am at the First Church in Roxbury to listen to Mari Gashaw, a graduate student and advocate for Black Lives Matter (BLM) speaking in a “Surveillance in the Post-Trump Era” panel. With no organization phone number, contacts, physical headquarters, or protest events in the near future, BLM has yet to have a voice in [...]

Parietals: The Generalization of a Generation

By Sara O’Connor ’17 Snow swirled down from the darkness above on a cold Saturday night in February of 2015. The only SAA activity of the evening was the play “Hamlet,” which I had seen the night before. As a sophomore boarding student, I could not leave campus past 7:30pm on the weekend, so I [...]

The Aliens in our Midst: A Look into Modern-Day Psychics

By Chloë LeStage ’17 Ten minutes late to my 1:30pm reading, I race from my parking spot three blocks down to the front door of “Boston’s Best Psychic.” This psychic is a local of suburbian Marlboro, a half-hour from where I live in Boston (yet there still isn’t any parking here). When I timidly knock [...]

Sexual Education in America: A Patchwork of Inadequacy

By Allie Reed ’17 “I grew up in public schools. We had very little to no sex education,” a female student from University of Nebraska describes. I find her story in a 2015 article from The Washington Post, where sexual assault survivors share their experiences. A team of Washington Post reporters interviewed dozens of people [...]

Imagining a Grade Inflated Paradise: What Do A’s Mean Now?

By Logan Troy ’17 Middle school essayists love to begin with the Webster Dictionary’s definition of some common word. By high school, however, teachers generally beat this habit out of their pupils; “clichés,” they say, “have no place in writing.” So, when some friends of mine spied this unwelcome hook tacked to an essay draft [...]

What Happens when Paper becomes Screens and Pens become Keyboards

By Katie Friis ’17 “Oh my god. Where is it?” my friends groaned. We had been trying to find the Big Dipper for what felt like hours, although in reality it had only been a few minutes. As we continued staring up at the maze of stars in frustrated silence, I realized something.   “Wait,” [...]

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