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The Milton Measure

Milton’s Unique Exam Schedule: The Community’s Perspective

High school students across the country would likely agree that the phrase “exam week” triggers many emotions, most of which are negative. However, while all students might generally oppose exams, at Milton, the exam schedule differs from that of most high schools. As we all know, rather than right before winter vacation in December, our [...]

Three Milton Students to Direct Highly Anticipated One Acts

Q: What is your play about? Alex: My play is a comedy about a guy and a girl who meet at a party. Basically, they start chatting and begin to realize that they’ve actually met before. What’s unique about the play is that there is this “Loudspeaker Voice” which is actually a person kind of [...]

Under Duress: Turkey Faces its First Terrorist Attack of 2017

Over the past year, the world has witnessed nearly 2,000 terrorist attacks in places such as Paris, Beirut, and Orlando. One of the places hardest hit this year was Turkey. On New Year’s Eve, a lone gunman shot down thirty nine people at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul and left at least seventy wounded. The [...]

Deep Breaths to De-Stress: Potential for Mindfulness at Milton

What really is mindfulness? According to The Huffington Post, mindfulness is the “intentional, non-judgmental awareness of the present moment.” Mindfulness offers the potential for us to take a moment and gain a different perspective. “We cannot change the inevitable conditions of life,” says Andy Puddicombe, a modern meditation and mindfulness guru, “but we can change [...]

Donald Trump Wins Presidency After Grueling Election Night

10 p.m., 11 p.m., 12 a.m.… all too close to tell. At around 2 a.m. Eastern Time, on Thursday, November 8, 2016, America broke a barrier. This barrier was not Hillary Clinton’s glass ceiling of gender equality, but Donald Trump’s barrier of 270 electoral votes. Losing the popular vote but winning in electoral votes, Donald [...]

Community Engagement Nixes Belize Spring Trip for Appalachia

The annual Community Engagement trip to Belize has become something of a Milton tradition. Every spring break, a handful of students get up early in the morning for a flight to Belize City via Miami, and then a ferry ride to Caye Caulker. After their arrival, students spend a week volunteering on the island, building [...]

Hoverboards are Banned from Milton

Last year hoverboards became a nation wide craze. The title “hoverboard” was slightly misleading since these devices are actually more aptly described as self balancing scooters, but nonetheless, “hoverboard” has been the name that stuck. According to an August 2016 Mashable article, social media popularized and brought hoverboards into the public eye. The most notable [...]

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature

As far as accolades go, the Nobel prize holds a reputation for awarding the best and brightest across the world. Many different selection committees choose the winners in fields ranging from physics to peace (with the notable exception of mathematics), and the Swedish Academy awards the prize for literature. Past recipients of this award include [...]

Students Sell Coffee for Change

Over the past few weeks, Coffee for Change, a Milton student run organization which sells coffee for charity, has been flourishing. You may have tried its raspberry lemonade, admired its paper straws, or simply noticed students standing behind a counter avidly filtering coffee in the Student Center. Indeed, the business is currently selling their homemade [...]

Jonathan Mooney Redefines “Normal”

What is normal? That was the question posed to students on Wednesday, October 5th by Talbot Speaker Jonathan Mooney. Jonathan Mooney, a member of Brown University’s Class of 2000, is an accomplished writer of three books about neurodiversity: The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal, Learning Outside the Lines, and A Traveler’s Guide to Initiation. [...]

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