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The Milton Measure

Departing Faculty: Don Dregalla

For nearly four decades, Dr. Dregalla, the Music Department Chair otherwise known as “Dr. D” to his students, has conducted Milton’s orchestras, leading the group from 12 students to the approximately 75-student operation it is today. More than that, he has inspired and motivated students to not only learn and master their instruments, but to [...]

Departing Faculty: Susan Marianelli

Ms. Marianelli is one of those few teachers that you might have for only a semester of CEPS or attend a few meetings with, but one that you will never forget. She is charismatic, beyond kind, and a joy to know and have as a teacher and mentor. The fearless leader of Milton’s speech and [...]

Departing Faculty: Paul Menneg

If one was to walk into one of Mr. Menneg’s classrooms, he or she would encounter some students working diligently, while others pester him for guidance for centering a slab of clay, choosing the perfect underglaze, or maybe attempting to use the jigsaw for the first time. On the best days, one sees his eager [...]

Departing Faculty: Maggie Stark

Following today’s graduation ceremony, our community will be saying goodbye to a beloved faculty member: Ms. Stark. During her thirty-six years at Milton, Ms. Stark transformed the 3D arts program and infused her own passions into the curriculum. In 1981, Ms. Stark, then in her twenties, came to Milton to work as an art teacher [...]

Departing Faculty: Brian Cheney

Brian Cheney, Milton Academy’s longtime teacher of the visual arts, is known by his students, alumni, and fellow teachers as an innovative teacher and a master of his craft. Throughout his time at Milton, he has seen many generations of art students come and go and has helped form the visual arts program into the [...]

Milton Artists Reveal Work at End of Year Art Show

During my time in Class IV visual arts, Mr. Torney came to pitch the sophomore art choices, labeling Milton’s art program as a vital part of Milton. He called the program one of Milton’s strengths, saying that one of the great opportunities Milton offered to Classes I-III was the variety of courses, ranging from photography [...]

Seniors Share Their Talents at the Baccalaureate

As I looked up at the brightly lit stage in King Theatre, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. Sure, I am not a member of the Class of 2017, but some of my greatest memories and friendships were made with the people who sat in the audience with me or performed on [...]

Annual Persky Writing Awards Recognize Milton’s Writers

As the school year draws to a close, Milton students are recognized for their outstanding academic and athletic work during the past nine months. On Monday, May 22nd, faculty and guests gathered among the most talented student journalists, creative writers, and artists at Milton to recognize them for their best work at the Persky Writing [...]

Class of 2020: Best of Class IV Talks 2017

On Wednesday, May 31, the freshmen gathered in Wigg Hall to watch the Michaela Steimle Best of Class IV Talks. As Ms. Sabin stated, this event honors Ms. Steimle’s dedication to inspiring freshmen to learn about the world around them. This year’s speakers, Eliza Barrett-Cotter (IV), Isa Stern (IV), Matthew Bower (IV), Cori DeLano (IV), [...]

Milton Students Unify in Protest

After weeks of rising racial tensions — posting of the privilege posters, a man yelling the n-word at a group of black students, white students wearing blackface and yellowface over social media — students reached a breaking point. On Monday, May 22nd, hundreds of upper school students gathered in the Student Center during recess for [...]

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