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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] Democracy Takes Time

Over the past two years, Milton’s SGA has written and presumably passed two amendments pertaining to how students elect Head Monitors and Class Reps (this year’s vote count was 345 yea to 108 nea at printing — 15 votes shy of clinching). The goal of last year’s amendment was to allow non-gender-conforming students to more [...]

[Editorial] One Milton, Many Voices

This past weekend, student activists created a list of issues which they want the administration to take a public position on. They posted the list in multiple places in the Student Center, Wigg Hall, and Warren Hall, most notably outside of Mr. Bland’s office. The list calls for Milton Academy to denounce the Muslim Ban [...]

[Editorial] Affective Ed Should be Effective Ed

Health, Values, Social Awareness, and Senior Transitions… they all sound like such noble pursuits. Yet at Milton, they often fall short of their potential. A survey of the student body reveals that as much as 60% of students responded that they did not find these affective ed course useful. However, 81% of respondents said that [...]

[Editorial] Bridging the Divide Between Under and Upperclassmen

If you’re an upperclassman, how many underclassmen friends do you have? If you’re an underclassman, how many upperclassmen friends? Our guess is probably not many, and those friends you do have, you likely met via athletics, a club, or your dorm. The divide between the upper and underclassmen at Milton is undeniable. If a student [...]

[Editorial] False Confidence: Our Apology

We would like to issue an apology. Like many other publications, The Milton Measure became blind to what we thought was an impossibility: a Trump Presidency. We closed our last editorial by saying, “as a board, we are proud to endorse [Hillary Clinton], and we are confident that with this crucial endorsement, she will win [...]

[Editorial] Ain’t No Rest for the Impressionable Youth

Miltonian culture has adopted a new spelling of the word “success”: “Ivy League.” Sure, Stanford and MIT are considered successful college destinations anywhere, but the point stands: your college’s U.S. News and World Report Ranking becomes your legacy once you leave Milton. This narrow-minded definition of success, as our Talbot speaker Jonathan Mooney would say, [...]

[Editorial] Communication is Key

If you were in the upper school last year, you returned to a plethora of changes at the start of this school year. Besides the usual differences, such as new teachers and the absence of last year’s graduating class, Milton appears to have underwent a micro-revolution over the summer. The removal of computer labs, the [...]

[Editorial] CXXIest Bids Farewell

Almost one year ago, when we published our first issue as the CXXI board on May 22nd, 2015, we knew next to nothing about the publishing process. How should we contact the publisher? How do we manage without section editors? Most importantly of all: how on Earth do you use InDesign? We started as a [...]

[Editorial] The Craft of Nonfiction

In 2002 Milton launched its first non-fiction English class, pioneered and taught by David Smith. Exclusively for Class I students, the class provided a shift from the traditional English class, offering an intensive study of writing and personal narrative based in forging intrapersonal connection. Since, Milton’s “Non-fictions” has increased to three sections, taught by current [...]

[Editorial] Dank Senior Pranks are Tanked

An April Fools Day without pranks is like Christmas without presents, Easter without eggs, July fourth without fireworks. Yet April 1st came and went without a single notable prank at Milton. And thus, we must ask, when did pranking become a diplomatic process? In the past, there was a mutual trust between the student body [...]

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