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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] The Leaders of Milton

We’ve reached that bittersweet time of year again. Every year, we says goodbye to our graduating senior class as they prepare to move onto life outside the Milton bubble. Seniors play an extraordinary role on Milton’s campus. Milton, being a confusing and difficult place to navigate, needs seniors to guide and advise other members of [...]

[Editorial] Let’s Listen

On Monday, May 22nd, a group of students, many clad entirely in black, interrupted Monday morning assembly before Mr. Ball began to speak. These students declaimed Section 5D of the Student Handbook and asked the administrators standing at the podium why they had refused to condemn blatant acts of racial prejudice. Chanting “What do we [...]

[Editorial] Letter from Your New Board

In our new role as the Editorial Board, we will strive to provide the Milton community with information and entertainment in a way that is as authentic, insightful, and relevant as ever. This year, clear and honest communication will be at the core of The Milton Measure’s mission. Moving forward, we want to strengthen not [...]

[Editorial] It’s Been a Good Year to be CXXII

According to a CNBC report, after Donald Trump was elected, The New York Times subscription growth soared tenfold. In a similar vein, the CXXII Editorial Board consistently found ourselves selling out of Measures at recess on Friday. We literally could not keep up with student demand. It was a great year to be in the [...]

[Editorial] Advice For Our Underclassmen

This week, our Editorial Board has opted not to write a conventional editorial. Instead, upon reflecting on what we’ve learned in our last four years at Milton, we have decided to use this space to provide underclassmen and juniors with some advice that will undoubtedly benefit them as they work through the rest of their [...]

[Editorial] Democracy Takes Time

Over the past two years, Milton’s SGA has written and presumably passed two amendments pertaining to how students elect Head Monitors and Class Reps (this year’s vote count was 345 yea to 108 nea at printing — 15 votes shy of clinching). The goal of last year’s amendment was to allow non-gender-conforming students to more [...]

[Editorial] Women’s Strike: Feel-good but Ineffective

This past Wednesday, March 8th, more than half the female student population at Milton participated in The Women’s Strike. The event coincided with International Women’s Day and acted as an extension of the Women’s March. The strike aimed to call attention to and celebrate the effect that women and gender-oppressed people have within the Milton [...]

[Editorial] One Milton, Many Voices

This past weekend, student activists created a list of issues which they want the administration to take a public position on. They posted the list in multiple places in the Student Center, Wigg Hall, and Warren Hall, most notably outside of Mr. Bland’s office. The list calls for Milton Academy to denounce the Muslim Ban [...]

[Editorial] Affective Ed Should be Effective Ed

Health, Values, Social Awareness, and Senior Transitions… they all sound like such noble pursuits. Yet at Milton, they often fall short of their potential. A survey of the student body reveals that as much as 60% of students responded that they did not find these affective ed course useful. However, 81% of respondents said that [...]

[Editorial] Bridging the Divide Between Under and Upperclassmen

If you’re an upperclassman, how many underclassmen friends do you have? If you’re an underclassman, how many upperclassmen friends? Our guess is probably not many, and those friends you do have, you likely met via athletics, a club, or your dorm. The divide between the upper and underclassmen at Milton is undeniable. If a student [...]

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