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The Milton Measure

The Star Wars Franchise’s Latest Blockbuster: Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released on December 16, 2016 and fans and critics have long awaited to weigh in on this much-anticipated addition to the Star Wars series. According to Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, Rogue One “takes place just before the events of the first released Star Wars movie in 1977.” [...]

Milton’s Tartuffe Brings Comedic Energy to the Fall Stage

After months of hard work, the spectacular fall production Tartuffe took the main stage the weekend of November 3. Tickets sold out incredibly fast. Students had been working since September to polish each detail of every scene. King Theatre was transformed into a lavish  Louis the XIV style residence. Tartuffe follows the story of a [...]

Hacksaw Ridge Debuts for Veterans Day

On November 4, 2016, Lionsgate released their new film, Hacksaw Ridge, to the public.  The film follows the true story of Medal of Honor recipient Desmond T. Doss, portrayed by Andrew Garfield, through his remarkable journey as a World War II soldier who refused to kill. According to The New York Times, Doss was drafted into [...]

Class IV Play, Peter and the Starcatcher , Dazzles Audience

On Wednesday, November 30th, Victor Wooten, one of the world’s premier jazz bassists, will be performing a fundraiser concert at Milton to support our biannual South Africa Jazz Tour. This appearance is an incredible privilege, as our campus will be exposed to world class jazz as well as an avenue to support the South Africa [...]

Lady Gaga’s Comeback Album: Joanne

Until recently, many believed Lady Gaga to be just another forgotten pop artist in the mix of come-and-go musicians who once dominated the Top 40 Countdown. In an industry where most pop artists release an album a year, Lady Gaga’s two-year gap since Artpop in 2014 seemed like an eternity for her Little Monsters. Lady [...]

Forgery Scandal Highlights Art Industry’s Authentication Problem

Art collectors spend millions of dollars each year on ‘authentic’ paintings. So, I’m sure you can imagine their reaction upon discovering that a piece they paid $10 million for wasn’t even the real thing… Sotheby’s Auction House is an old auction house, currently headquartered in New York City and owned by the larger Sotheby’s corporation. [...]

Three Awesome Albums for Your Autumn Rotation

It has been five long years since Bon Iver’s last project, Bon Iver, Bon Iver. In that time, Justin Vernon, the band’s founder and lead creative mind, has appeared on Kanye West albums, started two other bands, and curated a music festival in his hometown. Despite his activity, Vernon has been rather silent about the [...]

Hollywood Film Club Prepares for Another Successful Year

At the end of last year, the Milton Academy Film Club came out with its first major production, Drunk, an eight-minute horror film.  In the short’s production, the film crew encountered numerous struggles including plot holes, time conflicts, and faulty equipment. However, after two rejected scripts and countless late nights, the club finally produced film [...]

Nesto Gallery Exhibits Barbara Baum

Intricate patterns of painted squares and detailed woven collages currently line the walls of the Nesto Gallery. Upon walking into the gallery, delicate shifts in color capture the eye and contribute to feelings of personal serenity. All the while, collages, which are woven with the artist’s familial memorabilia, serve as a living document of her [...]

Frank Ocean Surprises With His Sophomore Album Blonde

By the last week of July 2016, the release of Frank Ocean’s long awaited sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry, had been put off for more than a year. After numerous false rumors of a release date, Frank’s fans were unsure whether an album would be coming out at all. Come August, however, a glimmer of [...]

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