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The Milton Measure
Stories written by Sophie Cloherty

Class of 2016 Plans and Executes Unapproved Senior Skip Day

“Anyone want to do skip day tomorrow? Like if you want to skip.” Posted by Nat Deacon (I) to the Milton Academy Class of 2016 Facebook group this past Sunday, April 23rd at 8:06pm, these words garnered over 90 likes, and sparked the beginning of the Class of 2016’s unique attempt to plan their own […]

NEAISL Conference Returns to Milton Academy after 42 Years

Two Fridays ago I was walking behind two peppy seniors headed to Cox Library. One had a neon blue backpack and the other had a pair of white vans that matched his sport crewneck. However, upon nearing the entrance, both the Class I students and myself were confused by a bold paper sign on the […]

Honoring Harper Lee: Public Boo Radley, Private Beloved Friend

On February 19th in her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama, Harper Lee passed away in her sleep at the age of 89. When I was twelve years old I read To Kill a Mockingbird and met my first literary hero: Atticus Finch. The brave heart of Harper Lee’s renowned novel has settled godlike into the hearts […]

Todd Bland Reflects: An Interview with the Head of School

How has Milton changed since your first year here in 2009-2010? How do you think you personally have contributed to this change? Milton, when I first arrived in 2009, was going through a lot, institutionally, and a lot of it was very contentious. If you were to group the challenges into one area, it would […]

Abroad from the Quad: A Look at Exchange Programs

Milton offers two exchange opportunities through the language department. About twenty students in level three and above of each language can choose to travel to Aix, France or Madrid, Spain. The exchanges vary in length, and their purposes, according to the Milton website, are to “build upon the language [students] have acquired at Milton but […]

The Pros and Cons of Hosting the Olympics

The Olympic Games bring together people from all over the world in ways no other competition can. To be chosen as the host country of the games has always been, and continues to be, a prestigious honor for which national representatives compete up to seven years in advance. But do the Olympics benefit the country […]

Education on Depression Will Create Safer Environment

On January 17th, 2014, Madison Holleran, a 19-year old track star at the University of Pennsylvania, jumped off a parking garage to her death. Her father told the New York Post that she had spoken about her depression to her family, who, in turn, encouraged her to seek a therapist. The news of this tragedy […]

Reading DC Statements in Assemblies

It’s Tuesday morning assembly. SGA class representatives are talking about an upcoming event, and class deans are standing off to the side ensuring the accuracy of their attendance lists. This assembly seems to be just like any other. However, today is different; today, Mr. Heard is waiting in the back, giving a nod to a […]

Baseball’s Popularity in Decline

As the fall begins to settle in, October brings us a new season of hockey, the return of Sunday football, and of course, the start of the baseball postseason. Although it is a significant part of our nation’s identity, Major League Baseball continues to fall in viewer ratings and youth participation, with many people opting […]

Freshman Year at Milton

Freshman year at Milton Academy tests new students’ ability to make a difficult transition as they adapt to an unfamiliar environment. As a freshman myself, I remember orientation week with great clarity: sitting in the ACC, uncomfortably looking around at future classmates, and trying to muster up the courage to approach them. In addition to […]

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