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The Milton Measure
Stories written by Logan Troy

Imagining a Grade Inflated Paradise: What Do A’s Mean Now?

By Logan Troy ’17 Middle school essayists love to begin with the Webster Dictionary’s definition of some common word. By high school, however, teachers generally beat this habit out of their pupils; “clichés,” they say, “have no place in writing.” So, when some friends of mine spied this unwelcome hook tacked to an essay draft [...]

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature

As far as accolades go, the Nobel prize holds a reputation for awarding the best and brightest across the world. Many different selection committees choose the winners in fields ranging from physics to peace (with the notable exception of mathematics), and the Swedish Academy awards the prize for literature. Past recipients of this award include [...]

Ultimate Disc Makes a Bid for Coveted Intramural Championship

Picture the quad on a perfect spring day — yes, much like the weather today — and you almost certainly see a few students playing Frisbee. They casually toss the Frisbee back and forth across the quad, almost like a social activity. But did you know that Milton Academy has its very own ultimate disc [...]

New Laptop Policy to be Implemented Next Year


Unbeknownst to most students, a committee comprised of administrators, faculty, and staff recently decided that our current technology approach isn’t working. The school will now follow, in place of the current, free-for-all system, a revised strategy that the school first announced in the parent’s newsletter under the title “Students Will Carry Laptops to Class Next [...]

Roger Goodell is a Communist

What costs $20 million and results in one of the highest courts in the United States granting a multi-millionaire absolute power over his employees? Deflategate. The prolonged saga over the alleged deflation of footballs by the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game two years ago seemingly came to an abrupt stop on Monday; [...]

Tyler Piazza

March Madness Overview

Throughout the month of March, college basketball teams battle their way through a single elimination tournament, termed March Madness due to the fan frenzy it creates, to secure the NCAA men’s Division 1 title. While Villanova eventually claimed the title, at the outset every team had dreams of hoisting the trophy. Although many fans dislike [...]

Defense Wins SB50

Though most local Patriots’ fans neither noticed nor cared, Super Bowl 50 did indeed take place this past Sunday. The dominant storyline heading into the game was how Peyton Manning could lead his underdog Denver Broncos to victory over the MVP Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers. While everyone respected both teams’ elite defenses, most [...]

College Football Players Tackle NCAA on Athlete Compensation

Most fall Saturdays, about 100,00 fans attend each individual Division I college football game, and 7 million more tune in on TV. Such a passionate following has produced an unbelievably large market for college football. This market values the TV rights for the SEC, a single college conference, at over $300 million. Where these finances [...]

Sports Requirements Discourage Out of School Athletics

At a school like Milton, where students place such a high premium on time, sports credits often interfere with everything from homework to socializing. While many athletes find the time commitment well worth their while, a large group of students struggle to live balanced lives when forced to dedicate so much time towards athletics. Milton’s [...]

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