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The Milton Measure
Stories written by Jeffery Cao

Milton Hosts Annual Film Festival

The smell of popcorn and the sounds of cheerful voices echo off the walls as students enter Wigg Hall, where this year’s Milton Academy Film Festival is being held. The gathering, while far from shining in national acclaim, is certainly a warm welcome to Milton’s own film students and enthusiasts alike after a semester’s worth [...]

The Sundance Film Festival: An Avenue for Aspiring Filmmakers

Cameras, flashes, and neon signs! You step out of the car in your sharp suit or long dress, and you take your first few steps on the red carpet. But you’re no famous actor, actress, or director, nor are you standing on the red carpet of Hollywood or Broadway. Smiling, you find yourself bombarded with [...]

Chinese New Year Here and Abroad

A couple of weeks ago, millions of people on the other side of the Earth dressed up in flaming-red dragon and lion costumes to dance in the streets and celebrate what we over here call the “Chinese New Year.” Marked by backed-up flights and sold-out train tickets, this time of year sees the migration of [...]

Hollywood Film Club Prepares for Another Successful Year

At the end of last year, the Milton Academy Film Club came out with its first major production, Drunk, an eight-minute horror film.  In the short’s production, the film crew encountered numerous struggles including plot holes, time conflicts, and faulty equipment. However, after two rejected scripts and countless late nights, the club finally produced film [...]

Underclassmen Set the Groundwork for New Filmmaking Club

Filmmaking is perhaps one of the most exhaustingly difficult and frustrating processes in the world. As one of the more modern arts, filmmaking calls for a team of talented minds and demands the most exacting ends of both technical and creative skill. It forces people to pull a team together, share a story, put the [...]

Rigid Course Load Pays Off

Milton Academy divides its courses into ten major groups: Classics, English, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Science, and Art. By the end of our four years, we are supposed to have taken the bare minimum of two history courses, two years of science, four years of English, a [...]

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