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The Milton Measure
Stories written by Emily Jiang

New Approach to the Existing Sign-out Rules Surprises Students


Even before Dean of Students Mr. Ruiz’s morning announcement yesterday, many of you had probably heard about the new sign-out restriction. If you’re a day student driver, you had not only heard about it … you were probably mad about it. According to Mr. Ruiz, the administration changed their “approach” to the rule stated in [...]

Faculty Members Say Goodbye to Milton after Years of Service


It’s that time of year. Seniors are graduating and gearing up for their next phase in life, and the rest of the community, students and teachers alike, is embarking on a much-needed and well-deserved break. However, with the chaos of the ending school year, there are a few faces many of us overlook: faculty members [...]

Things That Should Be Things

some legitimate, some not, all v important to consider. 1. Quad Cow a cow to fertilize (via poop) the quad. No more tuition being spent on the quad. And more importantly, no  more complaints about tuition being spent on the quad. I will look after said cow. 2. anonymous “I’m confused.” button in classes we’ll [...]

Mrs. Banderob Leaves Lasting Legacy at Milton after 38 Years

As seniors prepare for their bittersweet departure from Milton, so too are a few faculty members. Most of the retiring faculty, however, have a few more years to reminisce upon compared to seniors: 38 more years, in Mrs. Erica Banderob’s case. Mrs. Banderob and her husband, Mr. Banderob, came to Milton in 1978 when Ms. [...]

Tyler Piazza

New Security Measures Implemented

IAs...IAs Everywhere

Upper School Principal David Ball announced at class assemblies the implementation of the new IA system outside of Ware Hall. In order to enter Ware, students must swipe into the building using their IAs, much like in the dorms. Unlike the dorms, however, once the doors are open, they may stay open as long as [...]

South Africa’s Scholarship for Virgins

A virtue esteemed by numerous religions and cultures around the world, a young girl’s chastity is often encouraged until marriage. Branching away from solely the religious and cultural aspects of this value, many societies, especially in third world regions, now see a girl’s virginity as not only a sign of purity, but also the only [...]

Semester Away Student Reflections

With the first semester drawing to a close, students who were away during the fall at different semester programs such as The Mountain School, Chewonki, and CITYterm are starting to integrate themselves back into the Milton community. On the brink of exam week, the idea of going far, far away from Milton is enticing to [...]

Planned Parenthood

Since July of this year, The Center for Medical Process (CMP) has publically released nearly a dozen misleading under-cover videos that implied Planned Parenthood profiting from aborted fetal tissue, a practice illegal by federal law. As such the two organizations, CMP, an anti-abortionist organization, and Planned Parenthood, an organization that focuses on child-health, reproductive, and [...]

Senior- Freshman Fellows Program Finally Realized

Whether freshman year is your first year or your ninth year at Milton, starting high school is daunting; you are now entering a world of more freedom and much more responsibility. Throughout your first year, you’re bombarded with sports, performances, course selections, homework, exams, and more. I think it’s safe to say that those of [...]

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