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The Milton Measure
Stories written by Dariya Subkhanberdina

American BS

Following the events of the walk-out on Monday morning, I walked into second period French class and half-heartedly participated in productive discussion. But I was unable to continue, because, before I knew it, I burst into tears. For those wondering, the girls’ bathroom on the second floor of Ware isn’t ideal—I personally prefer the girls’ [...]

Dariya’s Background Narrative: “Yes, I’m Sure That I’m Asian”

The first thing I share when I’m graced with the pleasure of meeting someone new is that I’m from Kazakhstan, and I live in England, but my family is currently based in France. Pretty simple, right? Each time I introduce these fundamental facts, I hear a strange rush fascination with my “complicated background.” I’ve lost [...]

The U.S. History Paper and Critical Essay Bond Milton Students

In a tight-knit community, there are several things that many of us dread from time to time. For example, the sudden wave of horror that hits you when it’s lightly-sauteed gourmet fish with a twang of zest served for lunch, or the realization that you’re wearing Jack Rogers the day you’re in for lab and [...]

Political Discussions at Milton

Understanding quadratics and balancing chemical equations may fill our day-to-day-lives at Milton. However, challenging beliefs and sparking difficult conversations is the essence of Milton’s “Dare to be True” motto. Daring to be true applies to the little white lies we tell here and there, but more importantly it speaks of our character and the conversations [...]

A New Year’s Celebration Unlike the Others: Dariya’s (III) Story

Workout at least 3 times a week. Limit carbs and sugars. Stop ignoring texts. Here are just a few of the completely BS new year’s resolutions that I take on every year. And along with these three lies come twenty more — this year I even organized my list by “mind, body, and soul.” What [...]

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