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The Milton Measure


Who are we?

The Milton Measure is the official student-run newspaper of Milton Academy. It has been published bi-weekly since 1894.


  • Chapter 71, section 82 of the Massachusetts General Laws (commonly known as the Student Free Expression Act) gives students the freedom “to write, publish and disseminate their views.” This outlines all students’ “freedom of expression.”
  • Students inherently have these “freedom of expression” rights as long as they do not “materially and substantially” disrupt the operation of the school or violate the rights of others.
  • The Pyle case (Pyle v. South Hadley School Committee) in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts says that the Student Free Expression Act “is unambiguous.”
  • Even though the Fraser and Hazelwood cases give school authorities in the majority of the country the right to censor anything reasonably considered part of the school curriculum, those standards do not apply in Massachusetts due to the Student Free Expression Act.
  • Slander, libel, and obscenity are not protected speech under any circumstance in the United States.

Opinion Articles

Opinion articles written by students represent their personal views. The opinions expressed do not represent The Milton Measure as a publication or Milton Academy

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