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The Milton Measure

New Leadership on Milton’s Campus

by on Friday, May 19th, 2017

As the school year draws to a close, Milton Academy students were tasked with nominating and voting for new head monitors, class representatives, and boarding and day monitors. The boarding monitors, one from a girls’ dorm and one from a boys’ dorm, are elected by the boarding community. The boarding monitors represent the boarding community in the SGA. They voice changes that need to be made to improve boarding life, plan boarding council meetings, create special events specifically for boarders, and design boarder gear.

Some people underestimate the impact of the boarding monitors and the boarding council; however, they are responsible for planning boarder brunch, the holiday banquet, waffle night, and various other boarding activities. Not only do the boarding monitors plan these special events, but they also serve as advocates for issues raised in the boarding community and address those issues with the administration in an effort to bring about necessary changes.

For example, many boarding students have noted that they want more boarder specific events and inter-dorm activities, as well as changes in the parietals system and chapel. In fact, Lok Ngai Ho (II), one of the 2017-2018 boarding monitors along with Emily Van Der Veen (II), noted that one of the boarding council’s main focuses is on making amendments to policies on the “parietal and sign-out processes, as well as underclassmen stress days (personal days).” Also, Emily said that the boarding council hopes to create new events and weekend activities for boarders, such as beach days and sleepovers in the student center, to make school a place that borders love to be at.

Although being a boarding monitor is technically a position of power within the school’s government, Keisha Baffour-Addo (I), one of the 2016-2017 boarding monitors, noted that her position was really less about the pow

er she held as an individual and more about the ability she was given to advocate for herself and the boarding community, as she aimed to enhance the experience of each individual boarder. Emily shared this sentiment, noting that her new role is an opportunity to “keep everyone’s spirits up and to make sure that everyone is having fun.”

Day monitors serve a role similar to that of the boarding monitors. Once they are elected by the day student community, the day monitors attend SGA meetings, run day council meetings, promote the concerns of day students, and plan special day student events. In addition, the day monitors have the added task of uniting roughly 330 students that live in locations sprawled across Massachusetts.

In an effort to promote such unity within the day student community, the day council has worked to create special Friday night events and day student gear. Much of the day council’s time and efforts were put into brainstorming, designing, and promoting gear that they thought the entire community would enjoy. This gear promotes pride and unification within the community due to the excitement and spirit it creates. In addition, the day council hosts events like bingo night and holds pizza parties in hopes of bringing more day students together on the weekends.

Several day students hope to see the 2017-2018 day monitors, Charis Palandjian (II) and Jack Weiler (II), focus on having more weekend activities and changing the policy on leaving campus during the day are the main things that would enhance their time at school. In addition, many day students said that they hoped to see more cohesion between boarding and day students. Day monitors aim to enrich the overall experiences of day students through their ability to defend the concerns of these students and create an environment that fosters camaraderie amongst students that don’t get to spend much free time together.

Both the day and boarding monitors deal with the important task of trying to make these two communities unify within themselves and with each other. By raising spirits individually through events, gear, and advocation, boarding and day monitors brighten the community and ensure that students are given a platform with which to share their concerns. With the combined leadership of Emily, Lok, Charis, and Jack, the future seems bright for the boarding, day, and Milton communities as a whole.

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