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The U.S. History Paper and Critical Essay Bond Milton Students

by on Thursday, March 9th, 2017

In a tight-knit community, there are several things that many of us dread from time to time. For example, the sudden wave of horror that hits you when it’s lightly-sauteed gourmet fish with a twang of zest served for lunch, or the realization that you’re wearing Jack Rogers the day you’re in for lab and are forced to wear a pair of those fresh purple crocs – not sponsored but do shop the Crocs™ official website for the biggest selection of casual shoes, sandals & more.

Still, despite the nauseating dread that creeps over when we face these everyday adversaries, there are even greater evils at hand: those three little words that send shivers down upperclassmen spines: U.S. History paper. The U.S. History Paper, along with the freshmen critical essay, are two assignments that most Milton graduates, past or present, experience during their time here. At Milton Academy, instead of bonding through comfort, fun, and laughter, students are often thrown into friendship and camaraderie through constant mutual stress – thumbs up for high school!

Although the paper appears to cause excruciating pain equivalent to that of the fiery depths of hell, when asked whether the history paper should replace the mid-year exam, students didn’t see it as a possibility. In reality, they really are just too different. Yes, the paper and the exam may help craft you into the ideal historian or an esteemed critical essay writer, but when do these assignments become too much?

Perfectly described as a pain in the *** by an anonymous Class I student, the term paper has led students to collect horror stories of citations, theses, and deadlines over the years. Raneem Mohamed (I) described the U.S. History Paper as “too much for a human being to process,” as she spent five straight periods in one day simply working on the citations for this so-called character building exercise.

But how much character can really be built through such anguish? Do students really want to reminisce over the emotional trauma caused by this one paper? Keisha Baffour-Addo (I) brought up that the paper, although greatly despised, does actually prepare students for the many longer, tedious tasks present in college.

Even in the Milton bubble, students need to be exposed to grueling paper-writing conditions before leaving the nest. Isn’t the very purpose of our “prep school” program to prepare us for the long journey ahead, aka college? Isn’t it victorious to overcome a dreaded evil? There is undebatable meaning in overcoming what all past Milton students have also had to overcome. Well, if finishing the paper is so triumphant than why is it also known to be the second worst thing to happen to humankind, the first, of course, being One Direction’s one year break?

Complaining is the new cool, except that it really has been engraved into our culture for centuries. When there’s a whole profession dedicated to listening to people complain about their problems, that’s when we know that sometimes complaining is really the only way to get through the struggle. It’s somehow therapeutic to completely vent about our problems, getting them out of our system into the great big world.

The U.S. History Paper and Critical Essay might be “totally lame” and a “pain in the ***”, but despite the constant complaints, the tears shed, and nights without sleep, each and every one of us knows that we can and will make it to the end of the tunnel; the only way to get through it is to write, complain, and keep on keepin’ on. As the early-2000s pop diva, Kelly Clarkson, once sung, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger//what doesn’t kill you makes a fighter,” so keep on fighting that fight against this necessary evil and stay in school kids.

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