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From the Radio to The Voice, Eva Westphal Sings to the Top

by on Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Ella Fitzgerald, the “First Lady of Song,” once said, “I sing like I feel.” Eva Westphal (II), a singer and songwriter, embodies Fitzgerald’s words through her remarkable, multifaceted musical career. From writing songs to singing “God Bless America” at Fenway Park, Eva has delved into countless layers of music and performance. Over the course of her musical journey, Eva has evolved as a musician and refined her craft. The development of her personal style and the obstacles encountered over the course of her journey amount to past success and future goals at Milton and on a larger stage.

Eva fostered a passion for music at age six, when she explored classical music through the violin. Eventually, she gravitated towards the guitar and immersed herself in the complexities of the instrument. This shift ultimately led her to pop, a genre on which she concentrates today. Eva cites Amy Winehouse, Melanie Martinez, Alicia Keys, and Stevie Nicks as key inspirations that have fueled her love for music over the course of her artistic self-discovery.

Eva uses her songs and voice as vehicles to share both personal stories and her friends’ experiences. She assimilates songwriting to poetry, another art form she values deeply. With the creative process of poetry in mind, she sits down with her guitar and begins to formulate a song. Emotion guides this development and serves as the foundation of her work. Her single “Run Right Back,” a product of her creative process, exhibits the impressive impact work. This song captivated audiences of the radio station Mix 104.1, which gave the advice to “Remember. Her. Name.” Recently, Eva was even included in the Voice’s snapstory. Blake Shelton picked her to join his team, so we can expect to see Eva kill it the spotlight in the near future.

Such rapid and noteworthy growth has had its challenges and obstacles, which Eva grapples with to this day. As a young woman, Eva encounters judgment and degradation in the music industry due to her age and gender. In her work with producers, many of whom are male, she sometimes struggles to receive the respect and support she deserves. She noted the need for caution and fortitude with her producers. Additionally, her status as a minor prohibits her direct contact with venues. As a result, she must speak through managers; having someone else speak for her is a constant frustration. Despite these difficulties, Eva’s admirable self-knowledge and sense of resolve help her navigate the complicated terrain of the music industry.

Eva finds success at venues ranging from Milton to music festivals, stages that provide her a platform for her self-expression. At Milton, she has performed in her a capella group and individually at Beatnik. Eva treasures Milton and the community that has embraced her. She appreciates that “everyone has a passion, and we are all here for each other.”

Outside of school, she sang “God Bless America” at a Red Sox game and performed at Outside the Box, a Boston music festival. She also submits to radio stations, where she has performed live. She even appeared on the Voice Snapchat story just last week! She communicates with producers in Nashville and Boston, and works with members of the Berklee College of Music network. Through these relationships, Eva strives to form connections and extend her reach. Eva works in the recording studio every one or two weeks to expand and refine her body of work. Each performance adds to her maturity and strength as an artist as she acquires new facets of her power as a musician. No matter the setting, Eva spins her stories and shares her voice artfully and passionately, dazzling countless audiences.

So, what dreams does Eva have for her future? She hopes to have an EP (extended play), which contains multiple tracks, out in the next year or so. She also wants to branch out further into the Nashville and New York music scenes. Down the road, Eva does not want to be an independent artist. Instead, she hopes to study business and later work for a record label. No matter what the future holds, Eva’s talent and firepower will take her far, as they clearly already have.

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