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The Milton Measure

Let it Snow! The Administration’s Recipe for Calling Snow Days

by Chris Mathews on Friday, February 24th, 2017

Even with the winter season almost over and temperatures beginning to rise, “snow day roulette” appears to be just as popular now as it was when the snow first began to fall. It’s not hard to see the appeal in forgetting about your homework for the night if a snow day seems imminent the next day. However, many students don’t really understand the snow day decision making process and therefore can’t beat the gambling odds.

I, for one, know just how painful and frustrating this reality can be. Two Thursdays ago, I completed 0 out of my 5 assignments due Friday. I had thoroughly convinced myself that Milton would have a snow day. All of the Boston public schools, Milton public schools, and Thayer Academy were closed, so I assumed that the administration would succumb to peer pressure. “Stonewall” Ball, however, stood firm, and all I got from my snow day gambling was a two hour delay, several late grade deductions, and no idea where my logic went astray.

When asked about the decision-making process behind calling a snow day, Mr. Bland explained how a “‘snow team’ of administrators all collaborate in advance, with the Head of School making the final decision.” Although Mr. Bland acknowledged that “occasional snow days can be a real positive for the community,” he stated that “there is a lot of planning that needs to happen around snow day logistics.” As such, Milton Academy is often not as quick to call snow days as its public or day school counterparts.

Naturally, Milton Academy’s status as a fifty-fifty day and boarding school affects the administration’s ability to call a snow day during a storm. Commenting on how snow days affect his day-to-day life, Wolcott House’s T.J. Brennan (I) remarked, “My life is dope. Snow days don’t affect me. It’s not like a foot of snow will make it that hard for me to walk from my dorm to the Stu.”

Day students, on the other hand, face an entirely different reality. When asked to comment on how snow days can affect his commute to school and back, Cohasset native Mark Bodner (I) pointed out that “Jesus didn’t die for me to drive to school on snowy roads!”

Despite his sarcasm, Mark does make an important point. Even without any snow on the roads, some Milton Academy day students face a 30-45 minute commute each way – on a normal day. So when you add four-plus inches of snow to the road, the length of that commute can triple. These day students, especially drivers, can be put in danger. In the last month, I can recall two separate instances where I myself have narrowly avoided a devastating car crash caused by snowy conditions.

Generally speaking, most of us within Milton’s day student community feel that Mr. Ruiz’s weird and wonderful snow day voicemails only come on days when they are truly needed. Still, in the wake of the latest rounds of snow day roulette, many students would encourage the administration — most of whom live within walking distance of campus — not to underestimate the potential danger that snowy conditions can add to a day student’s commute. Besides, Mr. Bland, who doesn’t love a good snow day?


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