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Deborah Davidson’s “Dissipate Series” Hits the Nesto Gallery

by Nina Subkhanberdina on Friday, February 24th, 2017

According to literary magazine AGNI Online, Deborah Davidson’s exhibits have been included at the Danforth Museum of Art, Kingston Gallery, William Scott Gallery, Plum Gallery, Tufts University Art Gallery, Art Complex Museum, Montserrat College of Art, and G.A.S.P. Deborah Davidson is not only an artist, but also an educator and curator. She has an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Medford, Massachusetts and a BFA from Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York.

Her artist statement on her website states, “In my work, including the Glyphs series, I have an abiding interest in language. The most recent iterations, a group of painted columns, Dissipate, Standing See and Stand, have left the space of the wall. These objects articulate in a more emphatic way, my long fascination with the issue of voice, and the correspondence of sound. Underlying the work is the attempt to resolve the conversation between wanting to reveal all and at the same time the desire to obliterate. The latter group echo the quiet but heroic sculptures of the Minimalist artist, Anne Truitt.”

She also shared on her website, “All my endeavors apart from the studio connect back to it – I am excited by ideas and their manifestations. In all my roles – as a studio practitioner, curator and educator, I am interested in connecting visual art and ideas, including the most ambitious project to date – Catalyst Conversations, an organization devoted to the idea of art and science in dialogue.”

What is interesting about Davidson’s work is that she chooses to work on wooden surfaces rather than a traditional canvas. She creates both two-dimensional and three-dimensional paintings, always sticking to the same style of acrylic paint on wood. Her pieces are also almost always presented in series, her most recent works being titled the “Dissipate Series.” Her past work includes “The Glyph Series: How much, detail,” completed in 2006, that focuses on language. Other pieces include “Voices,” “The River,” and “Trace.”

The “Dissipate Series” pieces are variations of the same wooden, three-dimensional, rectangular columns. Some of the prisms are painted solid in smooth colors such as black and brown and clean texture, while others are painted with a mix of colors. The entire color palette is relatively neutral and includes pale shades or blue, green, grey, purple, and white.

For the columns not painted solid, Davidson adds an irregularity in both texture and color; she embraces the natural, rugged surfaces of the wood. The irregularities are seen in scratches on the wood that are brighter shades than the column itself. The scratches’ colors are a more intense shade of the base of the column or an entirely different tone. Interestingly, each of the colors in the scratches complements the color of the rest of the column, giving her work a tranquil and still tone.

The “Dissipate Series” also includes smaller, three-dimensional box-shaped pieces. These cubes are generally in the same style as the columns in terms of style and color, but their size and intensity are different. Meanwhile, the two-dimensional pieces in her series have the more traditional shape of a painting, and she uses more colors in them than in her three dimensional work. However, the color scheme still stays relatively neutral and complementary, further conveying the calm spirit of her work.

Deborah Davidson’s exhibit opened February 3rd and will stay open until March 9th in the Nesto Gallery.


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