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The Milton Measure

A New Year’s Celebration Unlike the Others: Dariya’s (III) Story

by The Milton Measure on Friday, January 13th, 2017

Workout at least 3 times a week. Limit carbs and sugars. Stop ignoring texts. Here are just a few of the completely BS new year’s resolutions that I take on every year. And along with these three lies come twenty more — this year I even organized my list by “mind, body, and soul.” What can I say,? I’m dedicated to my craft.

Every year when the season of sweet and thrilling peppermint mochas rolls around, I get asked whether I celebrate Christmas. The answer has always been no, but every year I still somehow join in my friends’ festive spirit.

Do I celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th? No. But do I put up a festive tree, receive and exchange presents, and celebrate with my family on a special night in December? Well yeah, I guess I do.

In Kazakhstan, New Year’s Eve is considered one of the biggest holidays. Traditions include decorating a “New Year’s tree,” gathering at a table full of friends and family, and receiving gifts from a certain bearded old man by the name of “Father Frost.” Sound familiar?

New year, new me. In the past month, you’ve probably heard this phrase — whether as an instagram caption, an attempt at a 2017 joke, or someone’s vow to completely change every aspect of his personality for the upcoming year — a lot.

A new year has always been seen as a clean slate, a time to transform yourself into the cuter, smarter, funnier 2.0 version of yourself, or a time for everyone around you to forget all the horrible things you’ve said and done in the past year. These expectations may be the reason why, as the new year approaches, your mom, her mom, and that girl Sarah’s mom all ask you about your new year’s resolution this year.

This year, 2017 really is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons, open up to new people and ideas, gather up the courage to apply to that program or ask out that boy, read a few more books, and go to more museums. Even if that might be me just listing my own resolutions list, there is truth in reflection. Realising what went wrong in the past year and being grateful for all the things that went right may just be the key to happiness.

As a generation, our favorite mutual hobby is to complain about our grades, teachers, sports, parents, friends, and honestly anything that affects us negatively in the slightest way. I mean who can blame us? It’s therapeutic. However, once in while, we also have to set reminders to say, “Hey ______, thanks for being such a valuable asset to my happiness, I am thankful,” or something like that.

So whether you’re ready to become that 2.0 version of yourself, want a clean slate, or are simply hoping for a better year than last year, go out there and make 2017 your own.


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