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The Milton Measure

Hollywood Film Club Prepares for Another Successful Year

by Jeffery Cao on Friday, October 21st, 2016

At the end of last year, the Milton Academy Film Club came out with its first major production, Drunk, an eight-minute horror film.  In the short’s production, the film crew encountered numerous struggles including plot holes, time conflicts, and faulty equipment.

However, after two rejected scripts and countless late nights, the club finally produced film which they were proud of. Though this first project had a steep learning curve, its widespread acclaim among the school, film festivals, and online communities (with more than thirteen thousand views on YouTube) has inspired the team to continue working.

Now, with a new script in hand and some talented young minds, the club is hoping to return stronger than ever with new equipment, a larger team, and an improved overall production design. The club plans to submit a new film to next year’s All American High School Film Festival, one of the most celebrated festivals in the film community. If they win any awards or is even accepted to the final list, they will proudly represent Milton Academy at the “red carpet” of New York’s AMC Theater in Time’s Square.

The most recent improvement to the club is a new marketing plan, which expands the duties of the production team with the addition of “advertisements” in the form of behind-the-scenes videos. The first tape of the year premiered on Thursday, October 6th in King Theater. The goal was to show people the hard work that goes into the filmmaking process and how anyone has the potential to contribute and help make a powerful and moving film.

The current operation is simple: the process begins with a Thursday meeting in the  Black Box Theater (Kellner) where the club discusses general filmmaking topics. On Fridays, actors go over the script to further understand character expression, dialogue dynamics, and emotive actions. On Saturdays, the production crew scouts out locations for filming.

That same night, the directors, managers, and producers discuss the details of the scene: how the light should be directed, how the camera could move without hitting any obstacles, and how the audio designer might set up the microphone so that every necessary line can be heard.

On Sundays everyone meets for shooting.  From morning until late afternoon, club members prepare lights and equipment, walk the actors through scenes once more, and set the camera up. Only after all these steps will one hear the well-known “Clap!” of the black film slate and then the all-too-familiar “Action!”

The club has gone on set and shot twice. Anyone who is interested in filmmaking should come out and appear on set. Actors, camera operators, makeup artists, costume designers, special effects managers, production designers, and editors—or people who come just to watch—can contribute to the film.

The club anticipates challenges this year but knows that failure can make it an even stronger group. This year the club’s modest expansion will allow the group to create films that build upon and foster the creative talents that the Milton community has to offer.



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