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The Milton Measure

The First Positive Article Ever Written About Forbes Dining Hall

by The Milton Measure on Friday, September 30th, 2016

When I walked into Forbes this August on the first day of pre-season, I expected there to be an enormous group of students squished into one crowded area, all fighting for the chance to get food for lunch. However, much to my surprise, I noticed, along with everyone else, that the dining hall had been completely re­organized. There is a new pasta bar, the sandwich bar has been relocated to the other side of the dining hall, and there is open, free space where the serving line used to be. I quickly noted the efficiency of this new format.

As I tend to get pasta fairly frequently, I’ve noticed that the new Forbes set-up makes it especially easier to get pasta without having to suffer in line or face the jostling of the lunch crowd. With all the people who want pasta in their own line, the wait for the hot food lines are also shorter now. Overall, I believe that the lunch experience has been improved greatly.

From small changes like “the big cups, which are great” according to Ben Hoyt (III), to larger layout changes like what Mary Thompson (III) says about how “the pasta line is on its own and there are two main lunch lines, which clears up the lane to the rice,” the new setup has gained mostly positive support. John Albright (III) thinks that the biggest change is the “isolation of the panini machine, which optimizes the space for such a popular lunch option.” Regarding John’s point, Anthony Gallagher (II) “likes the changes, and thinks that the moving of the sandwich station has been a big help in controlling the amount of traffic.”

Some students, however, are opposed to the changes in Forbes. Contrary to Anthony and John’s comments, Alex Finer (III), a boarder in Forbes, says that he thinks “moving the bread, cold cuts, and toasters to the area where the students sit creates more traffic.” Andrew Fearey (III) says his “main concern is that the silverware is inconveniently placed, requiring students to make their way through the long line after waiting in it.”

The main concern for students last year was the duration of time that getting lunch took and the hassle that was required to finally make it to the front of the line. Overall, the new setup has done a better job of preventing traffic in the dining hall by separating food options such as the panini section and pasta bar.

With the exception of some trivial inconveniences such as the silverware, the new setup has, so far, done a good job of breaking up the traffic in Forbes and making the lunch experience more pleasant. Given the small block of time to get from class to Forbes and then back to class, lunch has become much more of an efficient process for students. Also, because of the new convenience to get food, students now have more time to sit and interact with each other.


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