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The Milton Measure

Is the New “Student Print Anywhere” Function Worth Drawbacks?

by on Friday, September 30th, 2016

A new school year means new faces, new classes, new teachers, a new section in the Stu, and this year, a new technology system. In the past, the printing process at Milton has been pretty simple — you connect to the printer you want, press print, and go get your document. Now, however, instead of printing to a specific printer, Milton students and faculty must print to “Print Anywhere,” sending a printing job to all printers on campus.  In addition to the implementation of “Print Anywhere,” IA access is now required by students and faculty to access the printers.

As a community, these changes have prompted a wide range of responses. “I prefer the new system to the old one. I think being able to print the night before and pick it up in the morning is a good idea. However, the majority of students and faculty I spoke to have a different opinion. A few faculty members I have talked to think the system overcomplicates the printing process and takes a much longer time if they need to print a large number of pages,” says Drew Bartkus (III).

Nav Sekhon (II) adds, “The switch from the old system wasn’t necessary, and it takes too much time for the printing job to register to my IA.”

Most students think that the new printing system had good intentions. Yet, the system is proving more complicated than it maybe has to be. Ethan Chan (I) states, “the new printing system is trying to achieve more than it actually can.”

The requirement for students and faculty to always have their IA also makes this new printing system more time consuming. While I can’t speak for the rest of the student body, I personally find this new development to be a bit of an inconvenience. I don’t always have my IA at the ready, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who occasionally misplaces it.

If a student forgets his IA – as many day students do since they don’t need often use – that student is then completely unable to print anything during the day. Another problem is the block-up that occurs when multiple people need to print. We used to be able to press print and have the document be printing while we were walking to pick it up. However, now that we have to activate the printer, we cannot start actually printing until we get to the computer lab. If there are many students that need to print, a line starts to form around the printers. Because of the time it takes to actually maneuver the printer as well as physically print the document, students may be waiting an unnecessary amount of time.

Other changes to Milton’s technology system include fewer computer labs and required laptops. The majority of students do not mind these changes as much as they mind the new printing system. The lack of computer labs, on the other hand, can be a little inconvenient when a student forgets his laptop.

I, as well as many other students, think that the new printing system is over complicated, time-consuming, and flawed. If the new system is permanently implemented, which it most likely will be, we all may have to learn how to use the system efficiently. We may have to recognize that longer documents take more time to print than they used to and that we cannot count on being able to print in the five minute period in between classes. I think we that we as a community will eventually get accustomed to the change, but it may take some time.

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