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The Milton Measure

Curious About Fantasy Football?

by on Friday, September 30th, 2016

Fantasy football is the best way for football enthusiasts to compete with each other without any type of physical activity. Fantasy players create an online league with friends, and hold a draft to select NFL players from various teams to craft their own unique rosters.

The NFL players score fantasy points based on how they play each week, which count as points for whichever fantasy team they belong to. Every week fantasy players face off against another player in their leagues, with leagues as large as 16 teams. The fantasy player, whose players accumulate the most points after all of the NFL games in a week, wins the fantasy matchup. In most fantasy leagues, each team consists of a quarterback, two wide receivers, two running backs, a tight end, a kicker, a defense/special teams unit, and an extra spot for either a third running back or a third wide receiver called the flex.

The scoring in my particular league is as follows: wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs score one point for every ten yards gained and six points per touchdown. Quarterbacks score a little differently: one point for every 25 passing yards, four points per passing touchdown, and the same scoring scheme as running backs if the quarterback runs. Kickers earn one fantasy point for each extra point. Regular field goals are worth more fantasy points for further distances. Scoring is a little different for defense. Unlike offensive players who start with zero points, defensive players start the game with ten points. Fantasy points are subtracted if the opposing football team scores. Furthermore, an interception or fumble recovery adds two points, a sack one point, and any touchdown six points. If the touchdown is off of a fumble or an interception, the player receives two points in addition to the six, but if the touchdown is off of a kick return or punt return, only the flat six points are rewarded. After the week is finished, the points are tallied, and the winners are revealed.

The fantasy season lasts as long as the NFL season, and fantasy playoffs start with 2-3 weeks left in the regular football season. Depending on league size, the top eight or four players enter the playoffs. The fantasy winner is determined in the final week. There are also awards for best “regular” season record and most total points scored.

Many play fantasy football for cash prizes: they pay to play, and the winner is awarded the majority of the pool. Other fantasy players bet on each individual game. As for myself, I play in a league with just my family. So far, I have started off the season strong with a record of 0 wins and 2 losses; well, there is always next year. Despite my team’s record, I still really enjoy fantasy football. For those of you who do not play already, I suggest starting a league with some friends or family. It is fun fall activity that can be played at any level of intensity.


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