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All the Upcoming DC Comic TV Shows are Worth Watching

by on Friday, September 30th, 2016

This fall, along with the start of the academic year, comes the return of television shows both good and bad. Ever since October of 2012, producers at The CW Television Network have been creating a universe based upon DC comics. Shows include Arrow and The Flash, along with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, a show that displays the stories of multiple heroes. All three “Arrowverse” shows, as they have been dubbed by fans, will return in early October. For those of you who haven’t watched the premieres yet and don’t have time to in the future, I will update you on what to expect and focus on for the following seasons.

Often times with science fiction type shows, the idea of multiple universes is used to explain different storylines. I should clarify that the CW DC shows do not exist in the same universe as any current or past DC comic book character movies. A separation exists between the ongoing cinematic universe, displayed exclusively on the big screen, and the Arrowverse shows, which play exclusively on the small screen. Therefore, the characters in movies like Suicide Squad or Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice are not impacted by events in The Flash and vice versa. Keep in mind that all of the shows in discussion are based on characters from DC comics, as opposed to Marvel comics — one of the other comic book giants and DC’s primary rival.

Starting with Arrow, which debuted on October of 2012, we enter the story of Oliver Queen who is also known as the “Green Arrow.” Arrow will be entering its fifth season this October. The past two seasons of Arrow have become “quite repetitive,” according to Leo Jin (II). From my own personal experience with the show, I have noticed that the constant rotation of disposable characters has become almost tiresome to keep up with. The writers seem like they try to pry story arcs out of every detail, so I would not be surprised if this season ends up being the last. Arrow receives a 7.9/10 rating on IMDb: a decent rating, but not a great one.

The next TV show down the line is The Flash, which premiered on October 7, 2014. The Flash recounts the tales of Barry Allen, a forensic scientist. When a freak accident occurs in the forensics lab, he is left with regenerative abilities, quicker reaction time, and most notably, super speed. According to Jenab Diallo (III), Season Two of The Flash was by far the best out of the three 2015-2016 Arrowverse seasons. The season dealt with a lot of complex themes, told a story which involved the concept of multiple universes and of time travel, and grappled with Barry’s concerning mental state without appearing too convoluted.

The premise of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is quite complicated since it does not follow the story of just one hero or villain. After the murder of an immortal dictator and villain, time traveller Rip Hunter realizes that superheroes can’t protect the world alone. He travels back in time to assemble a ragtag team of heroes and villains from throughout the Arrowverse. Because of the confusing story and the outrageous amount of characters’ backstories, superpowers, and personality traits that are challenging to remember, it’s difficult for this show to hold a candle to either Arrow or The Flash. Although it still managed to garner a 7.1/10 rating on IMDb, which is certainly not bad, it definitely does not make me want to stick around for the second season.

After an analysis of each of the three Arrowverse shows, I have ranked them in order of which I’m looking forward to the most. Ranking in at number one is The Flash, followed by Arrow, and then DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. What will you watch this fall?

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