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The Milton Measure

Underclassmen Set the Groundwork for New Filmmaking Club

by Jeffery Cao on Friday, June 10th, 2016

Filmmaking is perhaps one of the most exhaustingly difficult and frustrating processes in the world. As one of the more modern arts, filmmaking calls for a team of talented minds and demands the most exacting ends of both technical and creative skill. It forces people to pull a team together, share a story, put the story into words, and then turn those words into action. In its purest, raw form, filmmaking is the art of storytelling. A harmonious combination of visual and audio perfection, it immerses us in experiences that seem almost other-worldly. The ultimate goal of filmmaking is to captivate audiences with moving narratives that inspire beauty, elicit emotion, and tell stories that lie anywhere from marvelous or amazing to sad or touching.

Such powerful films are what we strive to create at Milton Academy’s new Film Club. Born on the foundation of strong creative passion, the club started in the beginning of 2015 with a single student. A year later, hard work and perseverance gave way to a fully-fledged, tightly-built team that had — by the end of 2016 — produced a complete eight-minute film. After three attempted stories and two failures, we settled on “Drunk,” a script written by George Luo (III), one of the club’s heads.

We began a seven week process that, due to film festival deadlines, was crunched into four weeks. We met on set fourteen times and shot a total of eight hours worth of film. Edited in the time frame of two nights, these eight hours of footage eventually resulted in the finished, screen-ready product of eight minutes. The time-crunch between the beginning and end was undoubtedly messy, and in hopes of producing a Hollywood quality film, we went through every up and down of the rollercoaster that is the filmmaking process.

With actors running into schedule conflicts, expensive lights falling over and shattering, props and shooting equipment breaking and becoming unusable, and sets being used for other activities, the time-consuming work of this project seemed unending; we learned firsthand that truly anything on set can go wrong. The journey was hectic and exhausting, but, in the end, the whole team was proud of its overall success in completing the movie.

We submitted “Drunk,” a short, eight-minute, horror film, to four different film festivals. The film was created with a team of five people though initial viewers have told us that our work reflects the quality of a larger production force. The club’s goals for the coming years lie mostly in expansion. We meet three to three-thirty in the Black Box Theater, and people of all experience are welcome. Whether you want to work as an actor or actress, cameraman, makeup artist, costume designer, special effects manager, production designer, editor, or even if you just want to watch, everyone’s input is greatly appreciated. With a larger team, more connections, and more resources, we believe we can create pieces that will proudly represent Milton Academy and reflect the true creativity and ability of our school’s talented students.

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