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The Milton Measure

Outstanding Student Art Showcased at End-of-Year Art Show

by Brie Lawson on Friday, June 10th, 2016

After a successful year of Nesto Gallery exhibitions and student art shows, Milton hosted its last exhibition — the End of the Year Art Show — on Friday, June 3rd in Peih Commons. Showcasing work from all visual art classes, the show spanned a wide variety of genres and styles. Students from Studio Art, 3D Studio Art, Ceramics, Photography, and Film all participated in the exhibition, each displaying at least one piece. From clocks to portraits, pots to short films, the End of the Year Art Show not only demonstrated just how deep the talent at Milton runs, but also reflected back on the Milton teachers for all the hard work and effort they put into organizing the event.

At the opening, people split their time between looking at the hung artwork on the second floor and snacking on cookies and lemonade while watching short films on the first floor. Mr. Torney, the Visual Arts Department Chair, said that “The goal was to have every student in visual arts get featured in the show in order to assert all aspects of the program.”

One of these students, Clare Lonergan (II), who is taking 3D Studio Art, says that “as part of an assignment, [my class] all had to make a clock. We first read a book called Einstein’s Dreams, which expressed Einstein’s theories regarding time in Germany and how our perceptions of time are different than we thought. Since I found this concept interesting, I decided to base my clock on this idea. My clock swirls around and the numbers aren’t in the right places, but it’s representative of how we perceive time.”

Another student featured in the art show, Jonathan WuWong (III), who is currently taking Studio art, says, “I had to represent my identity in something that was no larger than 12” by 12” by 12.’’ For the first project, I wanted to make something that had motion to it because a lot of art that we did was just stationary. So I decided to use a 3D printed model of my face and then hang it in a white wire frame cube. The work itself is made of wood, plastic, metal, and paint, but I think when they are put together, they make up something that is recognizably me.”

Jonathan continued, “For my second piece, I drew a picture of my face combined with my grandfather’s. In general, I think a lot of who we are comes from the people around us and, for a lot of people, that is our family, so I wanted to create a drawing that encompassed how important my family is to me. I chose my grandfather because he is in the oldest generation and I am in the youngest, and I felt that he would help represent all the things in the past that made it possible for me to be born. For this drawing, I tried to make it so our faces matched up, as if we had the same face or he was an older version of me. The most important aspects of my identity that my family has given me all together don’t stand out, but still are a part of me and, by making the faces fused together, I think, [I get] at that idea.”

In addition to the End of the Year Art Show located in Peih Commons, Milton’s Visual Arts Program also hosted the Alumni Exhibition in the Nesto Gallery, featuring Valerie Claff ’81, Murray Dewart ’66, Mikel Glass ’81, Walter Horak ’66, Michael Maltby ’66, and Amy Wood ’76. Paul Menneg, who taught Mikel Glass during his first year at Milton, applauds the artist’s work, saying “his paintings are extremely well done.”

Mr. Menneg, who remembers the days before Mikel became a professional artist, says that “Mr. Chase and I used to joke because Mikel used to include everything in his sculptures, minus the kitchen sink. You can sort of see this same style in some of his current paintings.” One of Mikel’s paintings of a gap shirt and a palette surrounded by a frame appears to be almost three-dimensional. Another featured artist, Walter Horak, actually does three-dimensional work, specifically the welding of bronze into human figures.

A cross exchange of artwork, the End of the Year Art Show definitely encompassed this year’s outstanding and unique student work. With photos, films, sculptures, paintings, ceramic bowls, cups, boxes, and teapots, the exhibition successfully transferred the student work that normally stays in the classroom into a more open space, thus better celebrating each individual student. Both the Nesto Gallery Alumni Exhibition and the End of the Year Art Show were great successes, and I can’t wait to see what the art department has in store for us next year.

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