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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] Student-Teacher Bonds

by on Friday, June 10th, 2016

Perhaps, the most important aspect of our Milton educations is not learning about how topoisomerase relieves the stress of helicase’s unwinding the DNA helix during replication, but rather the invaluable lessons we gain from the connections we make with our teachers.

The Milton community consists of 700 students and 140 faculty members— a 5:1 student to faculty ratio. The average class size is 14 students. While it might seem that, in such small classes filled with highly qualified students, we would be intimidated by the prospect of becoming close with our teachers, the opposite is true. Out of 140 faculty members, finding a teacher to whom you relate is more than feasible. Milton students sometimes fail to realize their teachers teach high schoolers for a reason. Hopefully, we can speak for most or all of Milton’s faculty by saying that they work with high school students not just to teach concepts but also to connect with students and form long-lasting relationships with them.

As an editorial board, we greatly value the connections we have made with faculty members over the past three years here at Milton. Whether it’s texting our advisors in a panic about course registration over the weekend, discussing an upcoming paper over lunch with our History teachers, or sitting down to deliberate our summer plans with coaches, we can all recall memorable and meaningful experiences we’ve had with Milton faculty. These events create relationships with faculty members that extend far beyond the classroom.

In English, we may learn the difference between a misplaced modifier and a dangling modifier, but this type of rigid learning will never offer impactful lessons about life outside of the “Milton bubble.” As high school students, we could theoretically learn the concepts in our textbooks anywhere. Therefore, it is the exceptional teachers we have and the insight they provide that truly defines our Milton experience and makes it unequaled. Having relationships with Milton faculty gives us invaluable insight on the college process, future career paths, and life in general. Students must realize that teachers are not just teachers but people with insightful advice and friendship to offer. Their stories and counseling are far more valuable than any piece of rote knowledge could be.

We’ve realized that the bonds we’ve formed with faculty members have had a huge influence on our Milton experience and education. Unfortunately, our time at Milton is nearing its end more quickly than we might like, and we wish we had begun forging these relationships sooner. Although we have created close bonds with faculty members, we recognize that it is not the faculty members’ duty to reach out to students; athe student must venture out to form these connections. As the year comes to a close, we hope that Milton students will head into next year striving to make these meaningful connections with faculty. We encourage everyone to share in these incredibly rewarding experiences.

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