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The Milton Measure

Things That Should Be Things

by Emily Jiang on Friday, May 13th, 2016

some legitimate, some not, all v important to consider.
1. Quad Cow a cow to fertilize (via poop) the quad. No more tuition being spent on the quad. And more importantly, no  more complaints about tuition being spent on the quad. I will look after said cow.

2. anonymous “I’m confused.” button in classes we’ll all have laptops next year. @JacobAronoff make an app quick before you go plz

3. classes with the fewest number of students being at the top of Ware utilitarianism.

4. A’s in English Is the English department just exempt from curving?

5. a certificate once you complete Honors Bio that says “Don’t smile because it’s over, cry because it happened.” #justbiothings

6. Hathaway and Goodwin carpools day students pick up Hathaway and Goodwin students on their way to and from school. esp in the winter.

7. zip line from the 4th floor of Ware to the 4th floor of Warren

8. F’s!! Just give me the F*ing F what are these E’s what are theE’se

9. Seminar Day and Community Service Day every year Are learning and serving an either/or?

10. Architecture & Engineering being an arts credit Joy Lee (II) brought this to my attention. Michelangelo is also offended.

11. not having to come to school at 8 am if you have 2+ sequential frees starting 1st period Juniors need sleep. Two out of five school days I get up 2 hours earlier than I should have to and come to school to do what? To sign in and then think about how tired I am for 2 hours.

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