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The Irrelevant Cruz-Fiorina Duo Just Got More Irrelevant

by Ned Sheehan on Friday, May 13th, 2016

In one of my first articles this year, I discussed the outsider presidential candidacy of Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, who enjoyed a brief surge in the polls during that time. I came to the following conclusion:

“Fiorina, along with Trump… is a demagogue, appealing to the people who have been unhappy with the Obama Administration with their half – baked ideas and fire – and – brimstone rhetoric… the term ‘outsider’ has become a way for non-politicians to flaunt their lack of experience. Fiorina has failed in any field she’s entered… [she] failed as CEO of HP and ran her senate campaign with a mix of painfully obvious inexperience and aloof arrogance, at one point releasing an attack ad that referred to an opponent as a ‘demon sheep.’”

I stand by my previous statements, 100 percent. For once, the people of this great nation agreed with me. Fiorina dropped in the polls and dropped out of the race after winning only one delegate in New Hampshire. And that seemed to be the end of it. Fiorina would be remembered (if at all) simply as another insurgent candidate in a year of insurgent candidates. However, it all changed on April 27th, when Ted Cruz announced that if he won the nomination, he’d run on a ticket with Fiorina. This decision, in my opinion, was a catastrophically bad idea on multiple levels.
Firstly, one of Cruz’s biggest weaknesses has been his awkward demeanor and lack of emotion. Many people even say Cruz has a “punchable” face. Furthermore, people frequently joke that he is the Zodiac Killer, a famous Bay Area serial killer whose true identity remains unknown. His speaking style is similarly awkward — he seems to hammer out every syllable in a slow staccato and Fiorina does nothing to shore up this weakness.

Fiorina has similarly been noted for being cold and mechanical in her rhetoric. She doesn’t build him any bridges with the “establishment” Republicans — a group that has pronounced its hatred for Cruz. Most of her voters, however scarce they may be, would have already lent their support to Cruz when she endorsed him soon after dropping out. While adding a woman to his campaign might have helped Cruz’s popularity among female voters, her anti-abortion sentiments make that unlikely. In fact, her campaign’s biggest moment — her impassioned tale of the horrors of Planned Parenthood in the second Republican Debate — turned out to be based on a total lie. Similarly, her tenure at HP was an unmitigated flop, in which thousands of jobs were shipped to China due to her failure. Additionally, her campaigns for both the US Senate and the presidency were almost absurdly incompetent. All in all, her name on the ticket is bad news for Cruz.

Furthermore, Cruz made the announcement that Fiorina would be his running mate after losing four out of five northeastern primaries to Donald Trump. His whole announcement reeks of a desperate publicity grab. It is quite clear that nobody more popular or competent than Fiorina was willing to run with him. This desperation and consequent pairing with Fiorina makes Cruz look weaker, not stronger. Had his vice presidential choice been someone more skilled, it could have made him look good, instead of desperate.

But, that said, I’m glad Cruz chose Fiorina. I’m glad he looks weak. Ted Cruz, in my opinion, is scarier than Donald Trump. While Trump is a terrible human being and would make a dreadful president, he is just an opportunist. Cruz, on the other hand, seems to genuinely buy into his own insane dogma. His father is a maniacal preacher who claims that Ted’s wife received a sign from God that her husband would save America. Cruz was also endorsed and introduced by a preacher who, in his introduction, made the outrageous claim that homosexuals should receive the death penalty. Cruz’s only achievement has been shutting down the government for weeks. Most of his colleagues despise him; former House Speaker John Boehner referred to him as “Lucifer in the flesh” and “the most miserable SOB I’ve ever worked with”. He is, judging by the stories of his former college roommate, a textbook example of sociopathy. Anything to weaken Cruz is fine by me. So, thank you Carly Fiorina for hurting his chances a little more.

Postscript: In the days since I wrote this article, the voters agreed with me once again, Cruz was defeated in Indiana. Over the next two days, Cruz and John Kasich dropped out, leaving Trump the presumptive nominee. The desperate Cruz/Fiorina alliance lasted six days. I guess we’ll never know how Cruz would have fared without Fiorina, but it’s doubtful she helped much.

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