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The Milton Measure

Upper School Spring Gotcha Lacks Usual Spirit

by on Friday, April 29th, 2016

You know it’s Gotcha time when you see students wearing oversized hoodies to disguise their faces and sprinting from class to class. But Gotcha’s presence is perhaps most obvious in the library, which gets filled to the brim with students hiding from their attackers. During Gotcha, to say the least, the Milton campus buzzes with action. Even though my kill count for the past three years totals an impressive zero people — I’m admittedly more of a “Gotcha Spectator” than a “hider” or “seeker” — I still think there’s nothing quite like Gotcha. It’s entertaining to see how hard some people go, and it’s fun to help my friends plan an epic takedown.

This time around, though, something’s different. The Gotcha spirit just isn’t present in the spring. I haven’t witnessed a single legendary tackle, and I haven’t noticed groups of people loitering in and around the library. Many people have given up on being “hiders” and “seekers” and have adopted an “opportunist”attitude — if they happen to see their target in the student center, they’ll snag a kill… but otherwise they’re not trying.

As a spectator, I’m disappointed. If I hadn’t seen the SGA’s post on Schoology, I might not have even know this past week was Gotcha. The wild and wacky spirit that usually embodies Gotcha simply isn’t there this year! I think this lack of enthusiasm stems from all of the rules and restrictions instituted this spring. After all, there were more than double the places where you couldn’t tag than places where you could. I realize that without these rules the administration might not have approved Gotcha at all; however, I wonder whether the concessions were all worth it. Gotcha in only one building, or on one quad, simply cannot compare to playing across the whole campus. In the end, students were less eager for Gotcha perhaps because there is not enough room to play – the thrill of the game was gone.

It is also an awkward time to have Gotcha, which is typically held during the fall “mud week” as a celebration of the beginning of the school year and a transition from one season to the next. So why are we having Gotcha right now? With spring interim grades coming out, I’ve been swamped with work, so Gotcha is far from being my first priority. Even if I was a diehard Gotcha player, I simply wouldn’t have had the time to stake out my target. In addition, although Gotcha supposedly runs from 8:20 to 4:00, I go to clubs after school and then straight to practice – the last hour goes to waste. Maybe people would be more focused on the game if it were held between the winter and spring seasons — at least that way we’d have time to play!

What would be really bad, though, is if the tagging restrictions are maintained next fall. It feels like each year the rules for Gotcha get more and more strict — perhaps mirroring the trend at our school, and in the larger world. And this season, the restrictions have gone too far. Being a part of an academic institution, we absolutely do need rules for a game like Gotcha. However, seeing as how Milton is not simply an academic, but also a residential, community, allowing students to have fun without constantly worrying about limitations is necessary. We should still be able to maintain some balance between a total Gotcha free-for-all and what we’ve experienced this past week. Let’s hope that these new limitations are for spring Gotcha only and that it will return to its former glory next fall.

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