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Museum of Fine Arts Has Many Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine Arts

by Nina Subkhanberdina on Friday, April 29th, 2016

Boston is a great place for those interested in art. The city is always full of new and fascinating exhibits. The Institute Of Contemporary Art (ICA) and the Museum Of Fine Arts (MFA) are the two major art museums in Boston.

The ICA currently has two exhibitions, with two more coming this summer. The first exhibition, featuring work created by Walid Raad, opened February 24th and is closing May 30th. Lebanese-born Walid Raad is an internationally recognized artist who works with photography, video, sculpture, and performance. The ICA describes Raad as “a pivotal figure in contemporary art”.

Raad’s artwork focuses on history; both how we remember it and how we make sense of it. It is inspired by his own formative years surrounded by civil war as well as the more recent events that have impacted the Middle East. The exhibition displays his photographs, sculptures, and videos — all produced in the past 25 years. The next destination of Walid Raad’s exhibit is Mexico City’s Museo Jumex.

The second exhibition is by the artist Geoffrey Farmer. Farmer’s exhibition opened April 13th and is closing July 17th. Geoffrey Farmer mixes photography, collage, and sculpture in his artwork. Parades of figures embodying the diverse history of the world along with contemporary culture characterize his recent work. He explores these themes by using sound, animation, and movement to bring life to his work. According to The New York Times, “there is a definite poetry and magic to Mr. Farmer’s work.” Farmer utilizes diverse mediums in making his figures, such as fragments of books, magazine photography, illustration, and fabric.

The MFA, on the other hand, always has a wide array of exhibitions. The most recently opened exhibitions include “Sean Townley: 7 Diadems/Red Ankhhafs”, “Megacities Asia”, “Ruined When Cities Fall”, and “London and Edo Cities on the Rise”.

Sean Townley is a sculptor based in Los Angeles who uses molds in his art. Townley was initially working with the museum by creating copies of two existing pieces: “Prince Ankhhaf from Egypt’s Old Kingdom” and “The Monumental Roman Juno”. However, his sculptures became new pieces of original, contemporary artwork. Townley then continued to replicate his sculptures with multiple pieces in order to create the completely original “7 Diadems and Red Ankhhafs”. His sculptures symbolize the moment when artists, rather than working entirely by hand, began using industrial means to create their artwork.

“Megacities Asia” is another new exhibition that is open April 3rd through July 17th. The exhibition showcases the work of 11 artists who respond to the reality of urban life based on the culture of their respective home cities. The artists hail from large, Asian cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi, Seoul, and Mumbai. They create their work using everyday objects which they found on city streets. They use different materials, visual techniques, and textures to convey urban politics, environments, and societal issues.

Displayed in conjunction with “Megacities Asia” are two more new exhibitions: “London and Edo Cities on the Rise” and “Ruined When Cities Fall”. “London and Edo Cities on the Rise” is a series of prints expressing great historical curiosity of the two megacities: London and Tokyo. “Ruined When Cities Fall” displays a series of paper works that depict fading cities.

The MFA is also excited about the upcoming exhibit “Year of the Monkey,” which opens April 30th. As 2016 is the year of the monkey in the East Asian calendar, this exhibit pays tribute to the monkey’s role in Japanese culture. This exhibit is full of delicate works, all of which focus on the importance of the monkey and its eponymous year. “Year of the Monkey” even includes Art Deco postcards from 1932 — another year of the monkey.

Boston’s great variety of constantly evolving exhibits harbor a thriving art scene. The aforementioned exhibits are some of the most recent, must-see displays. Go check out these amazing masterpieces at the MFA and ICA — only a few miles away.

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