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The Milton Measure

Head Monitor: Semi Oloko

by Catie Wise on Friday, April 29th, 2016

After surviving rigorous Q&A sessions, delivering a primary speech for the junior class, and likening herself to a burrito in her address to the entire Milton Upper School, Semi Oloko (II) has at last cinched her co-head monitor position for the 2016-17 school year. Although Semi spends most of her free time out on the tennis courts, she also participates in clubs such as Onyx and Christian Fellowship. And even though this upcoming school year will be Semi’s first time on SGA, she has a plethora of innovative ideas to contribute.

When asked about the kind of leadership she wants to bring to Milton, Semi said, “I know I have a lot of ideas and Tyler has a lot, so we are going to put the work in. When I was talking to Avery Park about this position, she said it’s a lot about how much you are willing to put in. I also think Tyler and I are fun people, so we will bring a lot of fun energy to the community.”

Semi, along with her co-head monitor Tyler, has already come up with plans to improve the Milton’s atmosphere. One of her main goals for next year includes further uniting the student body; by the end of this year, Semi and Tyler hope to set a world record with the current junior class. A few of Semi’s ideas for next year include: making Milton more green, granting sports credits to activities that do not yet receive them, facilitating a “lock-in” at the beginning of the year as a bonding exercise, and starting a freshman-sophomore buddy system.

Having entered Milton in her freshman year, Semi has grown over the past three years to admire Milton’s multifaceted community. She believes that “one thing she sees at Milton that she didn’t get at [her] old school is that everyone here is good at something. Even if you’re here strictly for athletics, you’re still smart.” Semi has also become personally connected to the Milton’s student body. She feels like “her personality has grown here because [she’s] been around so many witty people who are also intelligent and athletic and are good at so many different things, that [she] feels motivated by the students around here to do great things as well.”

One of the biggest things that Semi has learned from her time at Milton is how to accept challenges more openly. Although she found herself initially overwhelmed her freshman year, Semi believes that Milton has truly shown her what she is capable of achieving, and wants to work hard as head monitor next year to let everyone experience that side of Milton.

Over the past few speeches that she has delivered, Semi has been able to capture her audiences with her bold fearlessness and witty humor, but most students still don’t know too much about her beyond her similarity to a burrito. For example, if you asked Semi where she would live if she could go anywhere in the world, she would note that “[she] really [likes] London as a city, but [she] [likes] Boston a lot too.” Semi might also reveal that her favorite season is summer because she finds it a nice opportunity to see friends while on break.

When asked about her go-to outfit, Semi says, “I really am obsessed with the 90’s, and even though I was born in late October, 1999, I consider myself 100% a 90’s baby. So, my go-to outfit would probably be a vintage pair of converse or vans, with some boyfriend jeans, and then a very grunge denim jacket as well as a scrunchie to tie that element of the 90’s all together. And then I’d probably pair it with a kind-of angsty face, like I just got the news about Kurt Cobain.”

Asked to describe herself in three words, Semi chose “creative, hard-working, and tired.” She believes she is creative because “[she’s] had a lot of experiences and moved around a lot,” and hard-working because “[she’s] motivated and wants to do well and [is] surrounded by people at Milton who push [her] to do [her] best.” Lastly, Semi describes herself as tired because “school is hard, and junior year is hard;” so don’t worry, Semi understands what Milton stress is like.

Semi plans on making next year as great as possible. She will definitely be the “rich cup Of hot chocolate with a kick of spice” that Milton needs.

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