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The Milton Measure

From the Head Monitors: Avery Reflects on Past Year

by on Friday, April 15th, 2016

As a student who has devoted her time to the self-governing association, I should have an answer to what the SGA is for well-rehearsed, but through my years at SGA, especially this year as head monitor, I have realized that the question is a complex one and the answer even more so. At the very core of it, SGA is a group of students meant to voice the problems that students have and concerns that are arising that the administration may not be so familiar with, but as it tends to happen, we simply host mundane activities for student enjoyment—keeping morale up and the school year fun is definitely important, don’t get me wrong. Often the activities hosted aren’t even ‘student-governmentesque.’ Before the fall Nobles day, SGA hosted a “make a poster table” where we invited students to come near the head monitor office and, as you may guess, make a poster. This under attended activity would probably best be hosted by Milton’s “The Hub” or even the athletic center. Even SGA’s favorite activity, gotcha, would probably be best run by SAA. And the can drive? Is that community service?

Mack and I came into the year with a lot of ideas. My favorite was an idea called the “flex block” where instead of four class assemblies every two weeks, there would be three. Sometimes, less is more. As a previous class rep, I thought the idea would be perfect and I still think it would be. This might just be my experience, but coming up with fun things to do during assembly can be difficult. As said, that said this is just my opinion, but as a student, I am not the biggest fan of assemblies. Assemblies are meant to bring us together as a class, but can fifteen tired minutes a day, or thirty minutes a week of constantly being shushed really accomplish this bond? So anyway, this flex block would help make assemblies more meaningful, and assemblies being more meaningful would increase the class ‘togetherness’ or so I thought. But we were unable get traction. It was immediately shut down because “students shouldn’t be rewarded for not liking assembly”—or something like that.

I know that it is my job, but it is hard to disagree and really be forceful when you are sitting in a room with three administrators and at the end of the day, they get the final say.

So if SGA has lost its power and proves to no longer be the center of student life, then moving forward, we will need to define what it is. Without clarity of mission or role, it is a lost cause. So what is the point of SGA?

Milton is a school recognized for its ability to push students out of their comfort zones, its acceptance of different ideals, and its traditions. It’s all a part of the motto, “dare to be true.” And SGA should be viewed in this light. We have great traditions like the previously mentioned can drive and gotcha, but it is such a shame that one of the largest growing traditions of SGA has become its futility. I raise this because SGA has the potential to be powerful, but often it is not. We, as students (seniors included) need to find a way to empower each other. SGA needs to become a place of passion, not just another activity on a college application. We need the administration to allow the students to actually make changes. We need to restore the original tradition of SGA: a centerpiece of Milton for student involvement, community, and policy. We need to empower the student voice because we have a lot to say.

Dare to be True

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