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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] Dank Senior Pranks are Tanked

by The Milton Measure on Friday, April 8th, 2016

An April Fools Day without pranks is like Christmas without presents, Easter without eggs, July fourth without fireworks. Yet April 1st came and went without a single notable prank at Milton. And thus, we must ask, when did pranking become a diplomatic process? In the past, there was a mutual trust between the student body and the administration. Seemingly, however, this trust was broken, and now it’s time to rebuild it. Transitioning away from our current system, we should find a new one that is both easy and secretive, so pranks will still have an element of surprise. With enough mutual trust, we could eventually have a system wherein students wouldn’t have to ask permission to prank.

The current student prank approval process is tedious, beginning with coming up with a harmless idea like placing cups of water in inconvenient places around school. Proposers speak to class reps and, if approved, to class deans. The approval process proceeds if the deans give the go ahead, and after rechecking whether the prank is offensive, proposers talk with Mr. Ruiz. Assuming he approves it, the process is finally over. Following this ordeal, once glorious pranks are stripped to small, often unenjoyable jokes.

This painfully scrutinized process wasn’t always in effect; it began in 2002 after a prank fiasco in 2001 went rotten. In 2001, an anonymous alumni kidnapped the portrait of Strauss and held it ransom. After sending comedic messages to the administration with his demands, the administration threatened the student with expulsion. In response to the incident, the administration implemented a rule requiring all senior pranks be approved. There have been few (if any) amendments to this proposal system.

Today, getting a prank approved may be even more difficult than getting a senior project approved. After years of gradually disappointing pranks, with plenty of repeats, it is time to reevaluate the route.

In an ideal world, there would be no system; however, we attend an academic institution and thus some sort of process must be in place. Building trust takes time; the system could at first strip down the requirement to only having to consult with one administrator (class dean, department head, etc.) to get the idea approved. After building up enough trust, it would be time to take off the training wheels and go to the no process system.

Before 2001, pranks were spontaneous, ostentatious, and exciting because administrators trusted students to prank responsibly. Let’s reestablish this trust in one another. The administration should trust the students to keep their pranks polite. The students should be grateful of the administrations trust and should be sure not to breach it. A student should know that if they breach this trust, they not only would be in trouble but would also ruin the prank system for the rest of the school.

Much of the enjoyment and levity of the spring is dependent on the enthusiasm and charisma of the senior class. It is not only the administrations responsibility to trust its students, but it is also the senior class’s responsibility to take the last few months into their own hands, to capitalize onMuch of the enjoyment and levity of the Spring school season is dependent on the enthusiasm and charisma of the senior class. It is not only the administration’s responsibility to trust its students, but also the senior class’s responsibility to take the last few months into their own hands, to responsibly capitalize on that trust. Collaboration, initiative, innovation, and humor are all aspects vital to the thriving of a community. We hope that seniors will see their potential in themselves to set the tone for the spring and we urge the administration to provide the leeway to do so for the better of our community as a whole.

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