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The Milton Measure

[Editorial] CXXIest Bids Farewell

by The Milton Measure on Friday, April 29th, 2016

Almost one year ago, when we published our first issue as the CXXI board on May 22nd, 2015, we knew next to nothing about the publishing process. How should we contact the publisher? How do we manage without section editors? Most importantly of all: how on Earth do you use InDesign? We started as a bunch of individuals, thrown together to keep up the grand old tradition of The Milton Measure. Some of us had been section editors and thought we knew all about the publishing process when in fact our knowledge barely skimmed the surface. After we published our “Senior Project with art this whole line should be filled with word” issue, we realized that we had to take everything in stride.

We made mistakes and many of them. Dealing with nine very different people with very different opinions and experiences forced into one room (and one laptop), we quickly learned that fighting about every single detail would get us nowhere. Collaboration, but more so learning to combine all our wishes, was key. Quickly we all became friends and Measure meetings are now lit.

We would like to thank the Milton Academy community for both the support and the criticism we received this year. Having articles and editorials be applauded by the community is of course exciting; having articles be criticized, debated, and discussed is even better. We do not write for the sake of being controversial, but neither do we shy from controversy when we deem it necessary.

Some advice we would give to future leaders of any publication on campus is: never let anyone force you to abandon your principles. Whether this be publishing a specific article, staying true to your uncensored spirit on the humor page, or pointing out a particularly thorny problem, don’t let anyone dictate what you are and are not allowed to say (within reason, of course). Do your work but remember that these meetings are supposed to be fun. You won’t remember the title of this article or the caption of that photo, but you will remember your fellow board members. To the CXXII board: beat the Paper, beat people’s expectations, and try to beat us. Don’t worry, you can’t.

We would like to thank the following: Campus Safety for unlocking doors, Mr. Ruiz for fighting the power, Rajiv Ram for defecting to TMM, Kevin Ryu for letting us post his phone number, Chris Bucci for his work as a sports writer, Ms. Bonenfant for her many attentive hours reading our issues, the former Measure Board for leaving a dank couch, The Milton Paper for paying for The Shallot, Cap Crew skkkkkrrttt, Jonathan’s Dad for his diligent reading, Jeff Jacoby the Boston Globe columnist who e-mailed us back!, Helen, Jonathan Chan the man himself, SNL, Lil Dicky, Bed, the lovely and talented Ms. Matson for animal crackers and her unending support, Henry the Jar (empty as Hannah the wise man once said), the Magus office for hosting Hannah during meetings, Pub Row, Trevor “Are we done yet” Hopkins, Trevor “Are you done yet” Atkeson, and Will “Gucci” Bucci. Thank you Milton for giving us the opportunity to make our senior year unforgettable.

CXXiest out.

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