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The Milton Measure

Class of 2016 Plans and Executes Unapproved Senior Skip Day

by Sophie Cloherty on Friday, April 29th, 2016

“Anyone want to do skip day tomorrow? Like if you want to skip.” Posted by Nat Deacon (I) to the Milton Academy Class of 2016 Facebook group this past Sunday, April 23rd at 8:06pm, these words garnered over 90 likes, and sparked the beginning of the Class of 2016’s unique attempt to plan their own senior skip day. As the night progressed, seniors made grand plans online, and Max Chiaramonte (I) cheerfully posted: “tonight’s events are bringing this class closer together than C2R ever could.”

The following day, Monday, April 24th, around 70 seniors of the entire class of 188 attended Monday morning assembly, while the remaining 120 students began their impromptu skip day. Even many of those who attended assembly decided to skip class. Day student Andrew Lu (I) drove home after assembly, saying he left because he wanted “to support the class’ skip day effort” and was not motivated to attend class anyways due to a “lack of spirit.”

“A lot of seniors had to drop off younger siblings in the morning, so many people were in the ACC right at 8am. But few people went in. There were a lot of people talking others out of going,” said Jacob Aronoff (I), a senior who did not participate in the skip day because of the “an unbelievable amount of major assignments” he had that day. Andrew Byun (I), characterized the day as “rather chaotic”; in his English class, students spent the whole period arguing “whether a 9 hours of detention was worth missing one day of school.”

Most of the seniors who skipped however, did so under the flawed assumption that not attending school for an entire day would only get them two class cuts, an inaccurate rumor that proliferated on the Facebook group. Many of these students gathered outside Robbins’ House porch playing frisbee and spikeball, while others took this valuable opportunity to sleep in. As the day progressed, Associate Dean of Students Andre Heard sent an email to faculty that mandated teachers to give cuts to students who were not excused; thus students accrued class cuts for each class they skipped. In addition, Mr. Heard sent an email to all Class I students at 11:04am reminding them that they were not allowed to attend sports or extracurriculars if they had missed more than half of their academic classes. “I decided to return to school because my coach e-mailed me. I didn’t want to miss practice, so although I was all for skip day, I had to go to class,” said Caroline McCammond (I), a goalie on Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse.

As a result, after many students missed their first four classes, they returned to school during 5th and 6th periods, worried of the academic and athletic consequences of their actions (the student handbook states that with 6 class cuts warrants an “appearance before Academic Discipline Committee”). By the end of the day, a large portion of the senior class had two or more class cuts, and therefore would be required to serve detention hour(s) tonight during Friday detention.

Seniors have mixed feelings about the attempted skep day. “Senior skip day is a great and memorable part of the senior experience,” says Hannah Nigro (I), a senior who participated in skip day. Max Chiaramonte (I), a Goodwin boarder who spent his first two class periods chilling on the quad before begrudgingly returning to class, said, “I’m disappointed in a lot of the seniors for not sticking to the skip plan, but I am impressed with the organization and unity that some of our class used to attempt to make this happen.”

How did this fiasco come about? In past years, senior skip days were coordinated by the class representatives and members of the administration together. This year, class representatives Marcus Green (I) and Chelsea Dougherty (I) had planned for seniors to go to Canobie Lake Park on Thursday, April 28. However, these plans were cancelled by the administration after the spontaneous skip day. Many seniors received several hours of detention, and received an email from Ms. Bonenfant warning them that they may not begin their Senior Projects until they had served their detention hours.

The overflow of seniors who have detention hours even displaced students in other grades; many students who originally had detention this Friday night were given a free pass. A new detention option was scheduled for Sunday, May 1 from 9:30am to 3pm (and students who were planning to serve then were requested to “bring a snack…as there will not be a break for lunch”). Students with more than 8 hours of detention were expected to complete detention hours on Thursday, May 5th beginning at 8am, delaying the start of their Senior Projects.

At the end of the hectic day, seniors again posted on their class Facebook group, shocked and dismayed by the administration’s response. Expressing his exasperation and amusement, Nat Deacon (I) commented “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”. Overall, the seniors’ general feeling towards the skip day seemed to be one of pride and satisfaction rather than one of disappointment and anger. While many who didn’t skip felt cheated of their official skip day, those who did enjoyed the spontaneity and unpredictability of the whole ordeal. Catching the administration off guard was also undoubtedly part of the seniors’ satisfaction.

Interestingly, this past Monday also marked the 10 year anniversary of the last official senior skip day in 2006 that was not planned by the administration. The Milton Measure looks forward to see what the Class of 2017 can think of for their skip day.

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