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The Milton Measure

New Acappela Group Looks To Promote Inclusive Attitude

by on Thursday, March 10th, 2016

At Milton, acapella groups are some of the most popular clubs on campus and, arguably, the most exclusive. Every year many students try out, but only a small number actually make it into one of the four groups. There are plenty of talented singers at Milton who would love to belong to a group and even more students who—like me—can’t really sing, but wish there were more singing performances at morning assembly. So, doesn’t it seem strange that there are only four groups at Milton? Dalton Letorney (II) and Ginny Alex (II) noticed this as well and decided to start a fifth a cappella group: REZON8.

Ginny explains, “The reason that we wanted to start another acappella group here at Milton is because we became frustrated with the unused talent in the student body, specifically a by-product of the full body count that current acapella groups follow. We want to utilize as much of our student body’s talent as possible, and we found that the best way to do so was to create an additional acappella group. Following our beliefs, we decided the group would be co-ed with no age-dependent admission.”

Dalton and Ginny hope to distinguish their group from the existing ones on campus by making it as inclusive as possible. Of note, in past years, at least some of the existing acapella groups have had two audition periods per year, with one in the fall and one in the spring. Dalton explains, “We will have two audition periods, one in the fall and one at the end of the winter season, in order to get a large pool of singers and hopefully give people more opportunities to try out. We also remade the audition process in order to lower stress and allow people to perform at their best.”

With its inclusive approach, REZON8 already has large numbers. Dalton describes, “Our plan was to take as many people as we could without having the group be unmanageable. Together we reached the conclusion that 16-18 would be a good number that would be able to account for our mission of including more singers. As of right now, we have 18, including two beatboxers/rappers. Our plan is to have two meetings a week, one during activities period and one from 6:30 -7:30pm. We decided to arrange our meetings in this fashion so that we can effectively use our shortened amount of time. During our activities block we want to be able to choose the songs that we will be singing and debrief our past performances. During the night meetings, we plan on learning the newest song and training our voices.”

Dalton and Ginny also hope to branch out from singing only pop music and, instead, sing whatever kind of music the group is interested in. Dalton will most likely be responsible for arranging the groups’ songs because he has experience composing music.

Although they are excited about the idea of starting a new group, Dalton and Ginny are also quite nervous, as the existing acapella groups have been around for a while and are already well-established. Ginny explains, “Of course we were nervous… there are very high standards for the acapella groups on campus and we really want to be able to meet that standard. One of the most frequently asked questions is why we made a new group if there are already so many others. In short, we hope to be different and more inclusive, and we hope to join the Milton Acapella family. Indeed, we are nervous, but our excitement outweighs all the anxiety that we have! Also, Dalton and I have been friends since sophomore year, so dealing with the highs and lows together is what really eases our nerves the most.”

As Ginny and Dalton put it, “REZON8’s key goal is to embrace CHANGE, TALENT, and FUN.” So, if you’re looking to test your vocal cords and be a part of the newest singing group on campus, consider trying out for REZON8.

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