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The Milton Measure

Dance Concert Dazzles Audiences and Comments on Social Issues

by Nina Subkhanberdina on Thursday, March 10th, 2016

The Winter Dance Concert is one of the most popular events of the entire year. Directed by Kelli Edwards, this year’s concert incorporated a wide variety of genres, as well as a mixture of both student and teacher directed dances. The concert took place on March 3rd, 4th, and 5th with Friday night being the most popular among students. There were 15 dances in total this year, and each had its own theme, emotion, and style. Featuring Indian dances, social activism dances, Irish step dances, tap dances, Hip-Hop/Modern influences, and even some comic relief with balloons; the 2016 Winter Dance Concert was certainly impressive.

When talking to the dancers involved with the choreography, I learned just how much hard work goes into creating each dance. Gavin Baker-Greene (I) says, “Throughout the months of preparation, the dancers put a lot of effort into bringing the imagination of the choreographers to life through their performances. This year, being my first year choreographing, I knew I wanted to do some type of hip hop dance as well as a modern style dance; the hard part was in creating a story through which I could use specific movements to evoke a certain emotional reaction from the audience.”

Defiance, the opening dance, was choreographed by Aimee Chea (I), Belle Chen (I), and Solace Mensah-Narh (II), and it definitely set the bar high for the rest of the show. The dance was backed by three songs: Pity Party by Melanie Martinez, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, and 6 Foot 7 Foot by Lil Wayne.

Belle Chen (I) said, “co-choreographing Defiance with Aimee and Solace resulted in a combination of self-discovery and expression. An angry, dark, and somewhat provocative dance with lyrics that represent the idea of breaking out and not giving in, Defiance expresses something that Aimee, Solace, and I are really passionate about; through choreographing switches of power dynamics in our dance, we hoped to show that everyone is always fighting for something, and that collective effort is always powerful.”

Another standout performance was Holi Hai!, choreographed by Aeshna Chandra (I). The bright costumes, fun music, and dancers’ excitement made it not only memorable, but also incredibly fun to watch. Upgrade, the closing dance, choreographed by Gavin Baker-Greene (I) and Cali Giuggio (I), was the perfect end to the show, as it accurately summed up the excitement of the night. Gavin Baker Greene (I) described Upgrade as “a hip hop dance about confidence, Come Home, the modern dance [he] choreographed with Cali Giuggio, [as] a love story, and Viral, the dance [he] choreographed with Adam Bramson (I), [as] another hip hop dance with a lot of waves and smooth movements.”

This year the concert exhibited a wide range of talent across all the grades. Lucheyla Celestino (IV) described the concert as an “amazing experience, especially because all of the seniors made me feel really comfortable.”

Sophie Clivio (III) said, “Friday performances are always the best, the crowd goes wild in between the dances and sometimes even during them. Those nights are definitely the most rewarding. As for my favorite genre, I honestly cannot decide, the dances I enjoy the most are the ones I enjoy doing, or the ones I become emotionally attached to. Working on dance concert is a bunch of work and a bunch of play, and all worth it in the end.”

Maya Slocum (II) said, “With the wide variety of styles and moods in the dance concert this year, performing and watching the dances allowed me to actively express emotions ranging from childlike wonder to vengeful anger, giving me a very well-rounded feeling at the end of each show.”

Belle Chen (I) said, “Being in dance concert is one of my favorite experiences at Milton, not only because the enthusiasm we receive during the show, but also because of my feeling of fulfillment when I see all the hard work culminate to a highly energized show.”

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