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The Milton Measure


by Serena Fernandopulle on Thursday, March 10th, 2016

With Spring Break right around the corner, the last thing we want to think about is the rest of the school year. However, I am excited for my first Milton spring. I can’t help but look forward to the new food selections in Forbes, a relaxing switch from tests to projects, my Class IV Talk, and even more political debates. In reality, I guess I don’t really have an idea of what spring will bring, but, nonetheless, here are a few of my wistful, naive freshman predictions.

My first spring prediction (perhaps better described as a dream) includes an improvement to Forbes’s dining options. I realize Flik food is a pretty dry subject and a common complaint, but what better time than spring to make a change? One fellow hopeful freshman, Sophia Li (IV), told me, “Forbes should offer popsicles and change it up a bit for the warmer weather.” I could not agree with her more. Maybe the idea is nothing more than a freshman Flik fantasy. But still! Forbes should take the coming of spring as an opportunity to spice up its menu, maybe even changing the panini bar and offering circle cheese instead of square (who knows!?!).

I know. I shouldn’t get too radical, but I’m not the only one either. Mary Thompson’s (IV) suggestion is that Forbes offer an assortment of berries is nothing short of revolutionary. Berries would indeed give me something to look forward to after surviving yet another pre-lunch Class IV Physics double period. Spring is a time for optimism in the community! Would it be so wrong to add fun meals into the mix of things? I think not.

As spring settles in, I hope I can also expect that teachers will transition their classes from taking assessments to experimenting with individual projects. At my old school, end-of-year projects were of great importance and merited extraordinary stress. Here, however, people see projects as enjoyable opportunities to delve deeper into a topic of interest. I guess a spring project-period would be relaxing by comparison with Milton’s test-filled fall and winter. Regardless, I am truly excited to test my ill-nourished cinematography skills for an upcoming Spanish project and to reenact the British colonization of basically the whole world for History.

Although I know I’ll be busy with projects, I also can’t forget my Class IV Talk looming near. It’s a good thing I still have plenty of time to procrastinate on it! I’m scheduled to give my Talk in the middle of May and have not even thought about my topic. All of the other freshmen who have already spoken assure me that everything will be fine. Of course I have heard the horror stories about students who forget to cite a source and receive a C maximum grade. However, most freshman maintain a positive outlook on their Class IV Talk. Christine Char (IV), for example, told me, “It was really nerve racking until I started, because when I stood up, people were so supportive.” Personally, I’m looking forward to my Class IV Talk because I will be able to share a piece of my life with the people around me. I know that memorizing five to seven minutes of writing isn’t exactly easy, but the Class IV Talk is a rite of passage for Milton students, and I’m excited to take a stab at the challenge this spring.

Lastly, I am also looking forward to the political race heating up more (if that’s even possible). I’ve never been too interested in politics because I’ve never truly had a reason to get involved. However, the 2016 presidential race has been quite entertaining. To be honest, when people start up a political debate, I just make up things about Trump’s crazy international policies or the email controversy with Hillary, even though I know nothing regarding either subject. I think most people believe that I know what I’m talking about simply because the presidential race has been that absurd. It is undoubtedly concerning but also – and I hate to say this – hilarious to watch the chaos in America right now. This spring, I look forward to actually learning more about politics by watching the entertaining debates (roasts..?) between Trump and the rest of the Republican party. Hopefully, though, I’ll learn more about the candidates and their policies in the process.

Ultimately, I expect the spring to be full of new experiences, both exciting and sometimes challenging. I am ready to complete my first spring at Milton and see what the future holds.

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