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The Milton Measure

Navigating the Primaries for Dummies

by on Friday, February 26th, 2016

I realized over the last few days that I am going to be legally allowed to vote in the 2016 election and some of you reading this may be able to as well. So as a voter, I think I owe it to my country to take it seriously and not just vote for the candidate who will legalize weed, or guarantees to lower Starbucks prices so I don’t have to sell one of my vital organs every time I want to buy a grande latte. If you’ve been alive for the past few weeks, you have surely heard of the primaries taking place.

Now, you may be wondering, like I am, what is a primary, and is it important? The primaries are basically the progress reports of the campaign. Does it matter? Unless you are absolutely bombing the class, in which case you face the same predicament as the candidates. Admit defeat and drop out, or decide to sink some serious resources into righting the ship? For the democrats, Hillary squeaked out a victory in Iowa, one of the closest results ever in an Iowa Democratic caucus, and 8 days later got absolutely bashed in New Hampshire by Old Man Bernie. Recently Hillary pulled out a win in Nevada. For the Republicans, Cruz took Iowa from the favorite, Donald Trump, who took 2nd. Marco Rubio snuck into 3rd place. In New Hampshire, Trump took 1st place resoundingly with John Kasich in 2nd, and Cruz in 3rd. Trump also recently won in South Carolina and Nevada.

With Super Tuesday on the horizon (the day in which Massachusetts and about ten other states participate in primaries) I have begun to reflect on what new voters from Milton Academy should expect. I think we’ve moved on from the middle school mock election– tearing a piece of looseleaf paper apart, writing our first choice on that piece, and then putting that in a wooden box for someone to hand count, but I don’t know. I’m new to the act of exercising my right to vote.

First off, let’s acknowledge that the general election is in November, which is about 4 and a half dog years away. That’s a lot of time. Seniors will be in an entirely different school, Game of Thrones season 6 will have come and gone, and Flik will already have served fish too many times to count. Also, I’ve been told that I need to register to vote, which is news to me. Where do I go for this registration? How long will it take? If I have to go to the RMV to register, I think I’d rather forfeit my right. So, where do I go to vote?

Well, after diligent seconds of research on these questions, I have the answers. Apparently, we can register to vote online, which always makes things easier and the locations where you can vote will be announced to you around election time. The individual voting machines can vary, but for the most part, you will fill out a ballot by hand and then it goes into a machine so your vote can be processed.

But to gauge how Milton students felt about voting in the next election, I took to the streets. I asked Sam Murray (II), our resident political analyst, how he felt about the upcoming election. He said, “I’m not excited about any of the candidates currently in the running. I’m hoping JP Schuster (II) will enter the race”. However, Mark Bodner (II), shares a much different sentiment about the race, “I will not vote, because I will not be old enough! Too young by a couple of months! Even though I won’t be contributing directly to the outcome, I am still excited in spirit. Just watching the American political system in process is exciting enough! What a time to be alive!” It seems like the views on this year’s election are mixed, but stay tuned as more primaries take place each week.

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