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The Milton Measure

Gucci with Bucci: February 26

by Chris Bucci on Friday, February 26th, 2016

What’s up Milton Academy?

These days, it seems like nobody wants to be at school. Everything you hear out somebody’s mouth is “OMG, the Term Paper is so much work!” and “Damn Ronnie! Back at it again with the rolly backpack!” Morale is low, but come on, it could be worse. Today could be a TextLess LieAboutUsingYourPhoneMore day. Luckily for you, there is a holiday coming up this week: February 29th, aka Leap Day. Although it is not as widely recognized as other February holidays like President’s Day (Feb. 15), Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) and Lame Duck Day (Feb. 6), Leap Day is the perfect time to break out of the rhythm and do something different. Here are 5 things that you can do on this year’s “extra day”:

Think of jokes that don’t involve Nickelback.

Just do what you waaaaannnntttt. OOOOOOOOOOOHHH #StillBetterThanNickelback

Hop a ride on Gronk’s Party Cruise. Imagine Swap It Dance, but 743936568 times better.

Head on over to the Gap to buy a pair of white Vans.

Find a replacement for Drama King, Should Be Couple, Worst Driver and Most Intimidating

If the festive spirit of Leap Day isn’t enough to shake you out of your bad mood, try heading over to It’s the Apocalypse Thanks to SmartWater Club, the new name for Sustainability Board. As per usual, if you just wanna talk or have a spare backpack, stop me in the halls or send a Snap to my lawyer, Devin Cyu. And make sure to remember the wise words of Julius Caesar: “It’s not important to win, it’s important to make the other guy lose.”

Stay Gucci,

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