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The Milton Measure

Gucci with Bucci: January 22

by Chris Bucci on Friday, January 22nd, 2016

What’s up Milton Academy?

It’s exam week. Because I have to study for ALL of my upcoming exams, I’ve decided to hand over the reins to somebody who isn’t feeling the stress: my little brother Will Bucci. Don’t worry, the change is only temporary and I’ll be back in the next edition of the Measure.

Hi! I don’t think that anybody knows me, so let’s just leave it that way. All I know about writing is that Megablunders are not good, so I promise to be funny, appropriate and not making any mistakes. My brother is saying that I have to turn this into some sort of list, so I guess I can give you my top 5 tips for exam week, which should be good:

Don’t cheat. I heard from some upperclassmen that kids whom cheat get locked in their rooms and starved over Spring Break!

Get a Snow Day. It would be so nice if Mrs. Dey’s Ancient Civ exam got moved back, I can now spend more time petting baby animals and drafting my Class IV Talk about Sculpting Calves!

Free periods. I don’t have to go to study hall anymore! I’ll be able to get now even more work done in between classes!

Be Funny. Everyone I know are going to Improv Night! Getting interrogated looks like almost as swell of a time as Thirds B Team Basketball!

Eat Cookies. Although lacking in healthy nutrients such as Vitamins F, R, O, S and H, I use delicious baked goods like Oreos and Flik M&M cookies to focus my brain and go into Beast Mode.

That’s it. My older brother told me that Step 1 of the initiation ritual is over now, so I guess it’s off to the basement of the Goodwin for Step 2. As for all of you, I’m sure your exam week will turn out similar to the Patriots’ victory this weekend against the Broncos: successful, effortless and hopefully with no concussions.

Stay Gucci,
Little Bucci

Will Bucci (IV) actually had no input on any of this, and the writing here does not express his personality or ideas in any way. If you have any questions, concerns or spare Dunkin Donuts gift cards please contact the Measure as soon as possible. And for you underclassmen, there are 8 hidden secrets in here that us brainiac juniors, seniors and English teachers already noticed. See if you can spot them all!

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