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Adele Sets Fire to the Charts with Latest Album

by Cate Robertson on Friday, December 11th, 2015

Since its release two weeks ago, Adele’s new album 25 has taken over the airwaves as quickly as many anticipated it would. Her first single off the album, Hello, is everywhere, including number 1 on global charts. Several of her other songs have managed to overwhelm the radio too, just as we’ve seen Adele’s music do in the past.

After her last album, 21, Adele set the bar high for herself with a collection of hits including Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You, among others. She gave herself a strong reputation as an artist with an awe-inspiring voice and an ability to make her audience emotional with her talent. Many of her fans have been patiently awaiting the arrival of her new album since she announced the early stages of songwriting new tracks in early 2013, and hoped her characteristic vocal prowess would return with her newest release.

25 came after a four-year hiatus the artist took after the birth of her son in order to spend time with her new family, and the release had been highly anticipated. The album sold 3.38 million copies in the first week alone, breaking the record for most copies sold in the first week of a release since point-of-sale tracking began in 1991. At the moment, 25 has been made available on Google Play Music and Apple Music, but not on Spotify, a decision which may have added to record sales.

Since pretty much everyone has heard 25, there is no shortage of opinions on its successes. NPR described 25 as showing a new emotional side of Adele. Instead of heartbreak songs dominating the album as they did on 21, recovery sets the tone for the music on her newest catalogue addition. Jen Costa (II), an avid Adele fan, agrees with the difference in tone but adds, “I think Adele grew up a lot between 21 and 25, and the music sounds different because of it.”

Not only did 25 take strides in a new direction emotionally, but it also has an overall different sound than a lot of other music being released in the same market. Justin Bieber and One Direction both released albums the same weekend that Adele released her single Hello, and Hello won the top charts. The melodic piano ballads Adele offers fill a niche in pop music that is less reliant on post production to add effects and filters to artists voices and tracks to make them appeal to a mainstream audience. Adele relies purely on her talent. Rebecca Karlson (III) explains, “people hear Adele’s voice and are in awe not only because it sounds incredible, but also because they know they could never sound like that.” Adele has a shock value within her powerful belts that forces an audience to stop and listen.

Changing things up a bit on 25 seems to be working well for the young artist since she has sold 4.49 million copies of her newest album in the two weeks since its release, a number no other artist has reached in an entire year since 2006.

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