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The Milton Measure

Milton Students Hope to Spark Interest in Podcasts

by on Friday, November 6th, 2015

In today’s society, comedians are considered credible news sources, and Twitter tells us everything we need to know about current events. Unsurprisingly, podcasts are also emerging as a popular way to learn about global events. A podcast is an audio blog that covers topics from politics and war zones to childhood narratives. Basically, listening to a podcast is like listening to a radio talk show for an hour. Some podcasts are incredibly interesting, while others are super boring.

Unlike other forms of technology, podcasts take a step backward in human history and revisit the art of storytelling. While most people would consider storytelling a thing of the past, podcasters allow storytelling to become a part of our everyday lives. Whether told by authors or professional speakers, stories fascinate the masses with spoken word. If someone texts you that they just fell down the stairs, you’ll probably chuckle a bit; yet if someone else calls you and describes that person falling down the stairs, the incident will probably seem much more funny.

Podcasts both revive the art of storytelling and also show how speaking can bring more to life than written word. Podcasts offer people the ability to listen rather than read words off a page. They also appeal to those wishing to disconnect from words or a screen and participate more actively in human interactions. Although podcasts are not face-to-face conversations, they still have more of a human element than a newspaper does. They give issues that are difficult to convey through written word the opportunity to be heard through spoken word instead.”

In recent years, podcasts have acquired a large, diverse audience, despite their stigma of being boring. Specifically, podcasts appeal to younger people who are willing to learn about current events but don’t necessarily want to sit down and read, or watch the news.

At Milton, podcasts appeal to many on our own campus. A group of students plan to launch a club dedicated to discussing podcasts that cover interesting events. Clare Lonergan (II), one of the heads of Podcast club, explained that “podcast club would bring an interesting medium of conveying news and telling stories that not everyone is familiar with.”

The club presents an interesting opportunity for students to listen to podcasts on their own and then gather together and discuss selected topics. The club’s aim is to mimic a book club, but with podcasts. Students will experiment with and analyze both the format of stories and the content of the news.

Hana Tatsutani (II), another head of Podcast club, stated, “a lot of people would be surprised by how interesting podcasts really are!” The other heads, Siena Nagel-Thompson (II) and Thea McRae (II), hope their club will encourage some of their peers to try listening to podcasts in hopes that this multi-media form will generate enthusiasm about global issues.

Podcast club is in the process of being approved by the deans, but plans to meet Monday afternoons during activities period. Hopefully the club will be passed so that Milton can broaden student’s exposure to global events; if the club is not passed, comedians and Twitter will have to suffice.

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