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The Milton Measure

New Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Goldenberg

by Caleb Rhodes on Friday, November 6th, 2015

Eve Goldenberg received her undergraduate degree from Barnard College before getting her Masters in Literature from New York University. She has taught at a range of schools including Deerfield Academy, Phillips Academy Exeter, Burr and Burton Academy, Marlboro College, Community College of Vermont, and Montgomery College. She is passionate about rowing, food, her kids, and a variety of outdoor activities. She currently resides in Hallowell House.

What drew you into teaching, specifically English?

My mom was an English teacher, and I would very occasionally spend time in her office. She taught at a community college, and her office was just full of books from top to bottom. So teaching English seemed like a good thing to do. I never saw her teach, but I liked reading and I thought, “You clearly get to read a lot as an English teacher.” Plus I was pretty good at English, and it was always fun to talk about books. English made more sense to me than everything else, except math, I really loved math…but I knew what teaching looked like. I knew you had an office, and you sit in it for a long time; I knew that you graded papers if you were an English teacher until two in the morning, but I love reading papers and talking about writing. That is why I chose this field.

What drew you to Milton Academy?

What drew me to Milton was the authenticity that it emanates. When you’re here as a student or a long-term faculty member, this place might seem like it’s in a bubble. That said, having come from other schools in this genre, how refreshing that on the day of my interview I walked into the MLK assembly, and it wasn’t some big fancy speaker, it was students! It was students that had done hard work themselves, preparing for everything and writing incredibly insightful, thoughtful pieces. Not to mention, I love the bleachers. While students might feel [the bleachers] aren’t up to par with other schools, I feel like “yeah, kids sitting in bleachers. That’s normal. Kids sitting in a gym. That’s normal.” Not to mention not having a dress code really normalizes the school culture. I was also really attracted by the 50% day student population because I have always felt that kids who have to go home and engage in a life, in whatever form it takes [be]cause sometimes it’s not pretty, bring something back to the table so that the community can’t live utterly in a bubble. Compared to Deerfield, which is geographically remote and has a much higher percentage of borders, the bubble is so much smaller. I wanted to be in a place that felt like it had more contact with the world around it.

How has your transition been to Milton?

Everybody needs help, but the transition has been great. The dorm—I don’t think there is a better dorm head than Britney Carr. She is so organized and aware of everyone’s challenges—both faculty and students. She works hard to make it easy for us to do our jobs. You try to set kids up for success not failure. People are going to fail no matter what, and you have to learn from those failures, but as best as possible you want people to succeed, even if they have to struggle. She has created a space where I can succeed as a house parent. As far as teaching goes, it’s great to walk in from one oval table to another; this part I have been doing for years. The hardest part is getting used to a new curriculum. Class IV English is like nothing I have ever done. Caroline Sabin has been a lifesaver.

What is your favorite Book?

Club Icarus by Matt Miller
Broken Vessels by Andre Dubus
Song of Solomon by Anonymous
God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Trivia: Her father was a chemist for NASA and worked on the lunar landing module, amongst other projects.

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