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The Milton Measure

Students Get Spooky

by Navpreet Sekhon on Friday, November 6th, 2015

This year, Milton decided to replace its annual Swap-It dance with a new Halloween-themed dance. As one of the most anticipated dances each year—besides Boat Dance and Prom—Swap-It was a long-standing tradition, and its replacement has provoked varying reactions.

Although last year’s Swap-It dance didn’t draw large crowds, the opportunity to buy bizarre outfits, look incredibly silly with friends, and know you were helping out the K-8 community made the tradition special for many students. Unfortunately, the effort required to coordinate Swap-It has become too large for the small turnouts in recent years. This problem was just one among many other variables that forced the school to end Swap-It this year.

Personally, I found Swap-It enjoyable but not entirely exciting. I wasn’t into the random outfit gig, and I was confused as to why we didn’t just throw on costumes and call it a Halloween dance since Halloween was approaching anyways. In my opinion, the new Halloween dance seems more appropriate. I can coordinate outfits with friends, recognize what others are wearing for their costumes, and actually celebrate Halloween.

Olivia Risoleo (III) agrees, recalling that she “felt uncomfortable picking out and wearing the clothes for Swap-It.” For Halloween, she’s excited to coordinate with friends and dress in a comfortable outfit. On the other hand, Jake Griffin (III) prefers Swap-It, countering that ”[he] would like to see the Halloween dance offer a fully-functioning rocking horse for six dollars.” Jake also brings up a good point about cost. For Halloween, students’ options range from homemade costumes to expensive store-bought disguises. I would argue that decisions on how much to spend are individual and money is not a prerequisite to looking and feeling good during a dance.

Not only are Halloween costumes generally more well-thought-out than Swap-It outfits, but the dance is also more cost-friendly for Milton. Compared with the strenuous set-up of the Swap-It sale, the organization of parent volunteers, and the post-Swap-It cleanup, the cost of a single Halloween dance DJ saves Milton time and money. As an added benefit of a Swap-It-less year, Milton has decided to set up the hockey rink earlier than usual, which will allow the hockey teams to begin practicing on ice sooner.

Having the Halloween dance on a Saturday adds an obstacle for attendance, but even so, many students are more willing to attend. Lydia Hill (II), a day student from Westwood, admits that “Saturday is definitely less convenient for day students than Friday would be”, but that students are still more willing to attend a Halloween dance than the usual Swap-It dance. Jake disagrees, saying, “No one wants to come to school on a Saturday, even if it’s for a costume dance party.” Suffice to say, a dance on the day of Halloween suits some students better than others.

While some may be grieving the loss of the Swap-It dance, others enjoyed planning and perfecting their outfits for the Halloween dance.

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