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The Milton Measure

Late Start to School Year Results in Loss of Mud Week

by Lydia Yang on Friday, November 20th, 2015

Just as one season ends, another is already starting up. This year, no Mud Week means no time for students to transition from the fall to winter seasons. I believe Mud Week is necessary because it allows athletes to take a well-deserved break in between rigorous training periods.

Quintin McDermott (I) mentions that “Mud Week is necessary for fall athletes to transition into their winter sports. Athletes lose their one week of the year to relax like the rest of the students that have the season off.”

As an athlete myself (for the first time ever), I would also appreciate a week of no sports. Aside from giving a break from sports, Mud Week also allows some athletes to recover from minor injuries, allowing them to start the season back on track.

While working out, I was always told to stretch before and after a workout. Shae Krishnaswamy (II) notes that “not having Mud Week is like not doing a post workout stretch.” Athletes who played in teams ranging from football to soccer to cross country all seemed to find this lack of break to be a huge disadvantage for the upcoming winter season. Aidan Hartman (II) thinks “Mud Week is very important as our practices in the fall are usually long and rigorous, and happens every day.” Emma Comrie (II) states that she “appreciates Mud Week because it is a good time to rest and catch up on work before winter sports and production tryouts.”

Although more applicable to athletes, Mud Week is also appreciated by those in the Fine Arts department. Along with many other students involved with plays, I feel as though transitioning into another production right after tech week is quite difficult. It is even more difficult for those who were on sports teams for the fall season and are participating in productions for the winter season or vice versa. Especially since the winter season has the Dance Concert, another rigorous, daily extracurricular, getting rid of Mud Week ramps up the stress for Milton students.

Aside from the fact that having no Mud Week increases stress, it also makes other aspects of student lives’ difficult. Hannah Congdon notes that “having no break in between is a great disservice to the students who play multiple sports. Besides taking away any time for decompression, it also makes the scheduling of winter season captains’ practices extremely difficult, leaving some varsity candidates underprepared for tryouts.”

However, some students have mixed opinions as well. Jen Costa (II) says, “not having a Mud Week has both benefits and disadvantages. It sucks to not have a break physically and mentally from sports, but I am very excited for hockey season to start and even more excited because it’s starting early! Even though my body is tired, my love for hockey gives me energy!”

I personally don’t have a winter sport that I’m excited for and feel that the athletic schedule should have been managed better. Waiting another week before the winter season seems more reasonable to me since, even if practices start next week, teams have to wait until after Thanksgiving break for games to start.

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